Sunday, August 18, 2013

Make Money with Discount Prescription Drug Cards - Healthy Tips

Have your own Discount Prescription Card Distribution business, earning money while helping others save money! Cards saves on pets meds too! Free to use. Free to Join Money with Discount Prescription Drug Cards - Healthy Tips

Interesting i used my card yesterday because i have no insurance and saved 60 %.  I gave this card to a friend and he saved a thousand dollars off his medicine each month at 95 % off.. the discount prescription business has been growing and make great conversation starters.  Plus you can customize your discount prescription cards to promote your website. Recruit others make overrides. Highest payouts with this card a whopping 1.25 per prescription and on the refills for life..

Incarerx is a outstanding member of the BBB with an A rating with the Better Business Buerau.  Checks are sent out monthly with a full page report sent to your email that tells you where and how much you have saved people money.  This is a life changer for people who need extra work and looking to help people along the way.  You can also sell medical equipment through incare and earn extra money with high quality braces, diabetic supplies, thermoskin, best of all these supplies are usually free under most insurance so people are open to trying them.

Cards can be put in many areas ideal high usage would be clinics, Dr offices, specialists, low income areas, pharmacies, You can sign up these areas up so they buy own cards to customize them and make residuals off what they do.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

How to Make Tasty Healthy Granola Bars Recipe Burns Fat - Health Tips

Who said dieting meant eating boring food? These granola power bars will satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt!  This is really a flexible recipe as long as you understand the basics you will be able to change it up according to what you have on hand and personal tastes.  You will be using Oats as the main ingredient which is considered healthy in most circles.  I added some ancient grains to my oat bars to give it some additional texture, flavor and nourishment.  If you can’t find Quinoa or “Kiwicha” known as Amaranth no big deal just stick with the oats.  I use around 2 cups ofoats and was able to make a whole pie covering a pizza pan. These granola bars will last over a week in the refrigerator though i doubt they will last over a day as they will get munched up in a hurry as you may have to resist temptation to eat them up before they are cooled down. get the recipe here How to Make Tasty Healthy Granola Bars Recipe Burns Fat - Health Tips

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Make Money Passing out Free Prescription Discount cards

discount prescription cards are growing in popularity with the rise of drug costs in the united states.  Make 1.20 on every prescription used through the card.  Most pharmacies will input the card #s into system so when the customer goes back for refills or other prescription you will automatically get credited for the prescriptions.  You can also recruit other members and make your own team for overrides.  Checks go out every month and it is free to join no requirements to buy anything and no minimum selling quotas. I actually stepped away from this bussiness for 5 months and went back to being active because my checks were growing without doing anything. It's a good business to get into because once you get it going you ca build momentum to keep growing. Find out more by clicking on the link. This is an "A" rated company by the BBB. And the cards are accepted at the major chain stores.

Make Money Passing out Free Prescription Discount

Friday, May 24, 2013

List of foods that are genetically modified

- Healthy Tips

It is hard to pinpoint all the foods that have GMO in them.  Presently no federal mandate to require companies to label GMO!  We do know that companies that use non gmo ingredients are proud to let customers know they are non gmo and free of genetically modified ingredients.  It is estimated that the scourge of  GMO foods in the grocery store could be as much as 70 to 80 %

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

- Healthy Tips benefits of kale and how to make kale chips

- Healthy Tips kale has so many health benefits and is superior to spinach, learn how to make delicious kale chips! Simple and tasty recipes.  Kale can be ate raw though in some ways is better cooked.  Click on link bove to learn more about the superfood KALE!