Saturday, July 23, 2011

Escape to chimp eden a must watch show on animal planet

This animal planet show really opened my eyes to the bushmeat trade
and how these primates are being cared for with Eugene Cussons as their hero.
Eugene goes into dangerous war torn areas like Sudan
and rescues chimps from imminent death.

Chimp Eden shows us that  chimpanzees can be rehabilitated!
Though its not exactly a walk in the park
to build the trust necessary to work with these chimps.
You can watch "escape to chimp Eden" on the animal planet
As this first video was a petetion to bring back the popular show!
Animal planet decided it deserves a new time slot.
I have it on tivo so i never miss a show.

Chimp Eden shows us its not as simple as just flying in
and taking the chimps they have to convince the owners,have to do blood tests
so they don't bring back harmful diseases to the sanctuary.
Then they have to work with local government officials
who are often in no rush to cooperate and one mess up through translation
can send the rescue mission into a back spiral.

One show that left a lasting memory and opened my eyes to Eugene's work 
was a chimp being kept in restaurant cage in Angola
turns out the owner didn't not have the time or know how to take care of chimps. 
The water this chimp was drinking out was black sledge
it is no wonder that this chimp is sick and Eugene came in the nick of time
this chimp was also being teased by pedestrians that passed by
some would throw rocks at her so this will be a special case
as this chimp will find it hard to trust humans again.

In another episode of chimp eden
Eugene Cussons goes searching for infant chimps
somewhere in an african market and is lead to a bush meat booth.
For the first time Eugene comes face to face with dead chimp meat
as he lifts one of the smoked chimp hands this was a sad moment for him
but only made Eugene more determained to save theses chimps from the bush meat trade.

The bush meat trader said the hand would cost 5 dollars pretty cheap
compared to how much a can of beans cost 10 dollars
as now we get to the real heart of the problem is the extreme hunger in Africa.
Until civilians can be protected and more investments into agricultural are made these underlying problems will continue to drive the bush meat trade.

In this next video we see euegene cussons
on the popular Ellen Degeneres show 
In the video you will see one of the first chimps rescued by Eugene 
his name is Cozy. Cozy spent 17 years chained inside of a cage 
and never got to walk on grass or climb trees.
You can only imagine this was a real challenge to get cozy to trust humans 
and is a work on progress to work on Cozy social skills.  
Im a big fan of Cozy as he has become one of my favorite chimps on chimp eden 
as he likes to joke around and turns out to be a great peacemaker 
between  the chimps.  Cozy is the perfect example that 
chimps that have been abused can make a big turnaround when giving the chance.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What will be the most likely of causes for human extinction?

I don't mean to sound like an alarmist though one day humans will not be around.
All species on top of the food chain only stay dominant for so long.
The only question that remains is what will cause our demise.
Will it be natural selection? Will it be lack of a food source?
Could it be biological? Chemical? Nuclear? Gods wraith?
Or will a new species climb above us on the food chain?

The shark has outlasted dinosaurs as top predator and now is finding
its way into soup bowels as shark fin stew.
These prehistoric predators do play an important role
in the health of the oceans removing decaying carcasses
and reducing disease in the seas.

The dinosaurs had a good run we are still trying to pinpoint the exact cause
as to why the dinosaurs disappeared as the strongest theory to come out is a meteor hit earth with such great force that particles from the collision changed the temperature of the planet and stopped sunlight and caused most vegetation to die and the lack of food source combined with a shift in temperature.

This is similar conditions of what a nuclear fallout might bring though with nuclear even greater fears of radioactive isotopes in the atmosphere could last thousands of years. It is highly unlikely that humans survive thousands of years in an underground bunker?
Perhaps the rumor shall come true that cockroaches
which can survive radiation would become the dominant species on earth.

The world has enough nuclear weapons to destroy itself 20 times over.
All it takes is one nutcase regime to use them.
The nuclear age has been a good deterrent
to avoid massive wars between global empires
Though at what price? In 25 years most countries that want nuclear
will have the capability to develop nuclear weapons. Nuclear is one of those
ideas let out of the Pandora's box that has changed the world forever and from no return

The great plagues of Europe taught us a valuable lesson in the power of viruses.
These times were called the dark ages. The population of Europe was cut in half as it took hundreds of years for Europe to recover.
Some theories exist as to why the bubonic plague
took such a painful grip on the people of Europe.

One fairy tail is that a great battle took place
and hundreds of thousands of bodies were left
on the battlefield to rot this allowed for rapid mutation of the bubonic plague and an army of infected rats and lice spread from small towns to the big cities.The great saviors of Europe turns out to be the house-cat
as the cats controlled the rat population and eventually bubonic plague dwindled down.

It is estimated that around 5 % of the euros population was immune to bubonic plague and the descendants of these immune ancestors are also immune to some of the deadly diseases of our time like H.I.V. fascinating how the human body is constantly evolving to preserve itself.

Lack of a food source has pushed civilizations to the brink of collapse.
Something as simple as a single food source which inhabitants come dependent on like the Irish and potato a simple fungus cause millions to die and move out of that country.
Spores and fungus if left unchecked could wipe out whole food sources.
Also We have seen some insects that have falling prey to a fungus
that takes over the insects body similar to how a zombie would act going back to
the hive to infect more insects.

It is widely known that honey bees play an important role in pollinating plants honey bees are becoming extinct in some places without the honey bee humans would be paying astronomical prices for produce. Could you imagine the labor spent on humans pollinating plants? I see in the future a nanobot bee that is programmed to mimic the bees pollination maybe some can be self guided maybe controlled from a video game perspective and the people behind the joystick will do the remote pollinating.
Chemical poisoning from making products and the throw away society is real.
The oceans your parents swam in were much cleaner than the ones we swim in today.
We hear it all the time we need more regulation or we need less regulation?
The political willpower is just not going to confront this issue head on.

Were you aware of the great sea of trash that is is churning in the pacific ocean?
In this sea of trash you can see the jellyfish that have consumed the plastic as the jellyfish have transparent bodies you can see the little plastic pieces of plastic shining through the jellys. These jellyfish are favorite foods of bigger fish and turtles
"so as we eat these fish we are eating our own trash."

It is no wonder as the human body is around more chemicals
that our immune system is weakened and we are seeing higher incidents of cancer
and diseases that were once wiped out are coming back stronger than ever before.

Modern medicine is in a race against time.
As cures for disease and technology to protect us
lags behind the harmful status quo that is upon us.
We cannot even begin to tackle these issues
as now jobs are the #1 priority and nobody wants to look like the ones to kill jobs
are we at the point of no return? Will it take horor beyond human perception
for us to recognize the errors of our ways?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Guess which part of the body is often forgotten about and the foundation of our health?

Are your feet getting the care they deserve?
It is no coincidence
women often live longer than men!
Could it be as simple as a pedicure?
Why do our feet play much
of a important role in our overall health?

The feet are often overlooked.
Especially if you are man
it is just not macho to care for your feet.

Most nerve endings are connected to the feet
in Chinese medicine often they can tell
how a certain organ is doing by the sensitivity
of a certain part of the foot.

People that do not care for their feet tend to have circulation problems
and feel slow and tired. Often these malnourished feed develop hard scaly crusty layers and are often unsightly and develop pains later on in life.

One of the theories behind this growing trend of hurt feet is the blood flow gets trapped in the feet more than any other place and often some of these toxins will stay in the foot and the human body tries to push some of these toxins out of the body through skin layers and some of this plaque will remain if not removed.

One regimen i have undertaken is green tea baths with sea salt
i will remain in this hot bath solution for 20 minutes
and then i will begin to scrap away at the layers underneath my feet.

This may seem gross though necessary
you maybe shocked at the amount of buildup under your feet if you never done it before
I can tell you that the clean fresh feeling you will feel after
will be like a clean you never felt before
I like to finish this treatment off with a peppermint oil and vitamin e rubbed on the feet.

You can use one of those foot smoothing stones or even your fingernail
If that just seems like a little to much work you can also invest in these
foot pads developed in Japan that will remove the toxins in your foot
while you sleep.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Unique pool exercises to boost your cardio and super stretching

The human body is built to swim we feel a certain closeness with water
as we developed a bond with our mother surrounded by embryonic fluid and webbed hands.

It's summer time! When bathing suits come out of hibernation get ready for the pool.
The pool is a wonderful place to workout low impact on your joints and muscles 
so if you had injuries in the past this is a great place to loosen up.
I highly recommend getting water goggles that covers eyes and nose
as the exercises we are talking about requires lots of working out underwater.
If you have sensitive ears consider ear plugs as well.

A great way to warm up is power walking in water 
put your fingers together and make waves.
Use the resistance of the water to give your muscles a workout.

The pool ladder usually located in the deep end of the pool can help you out tremendously while working out you can put your legs over the top and do crunches under the water and when you need to come up you can grab onto the latter.

Also the pool ladder can help you do super stretching that you would find hard to do in regular gravity.  Try positioning your legs on the bar on your back while lying flat on the water you can submerge yourself back and touch the floor of the pool with your hands if you cant reach that is ok just go to where it feels comfortable and get a good stretch.

Once i feel warmed up i start jumping up out of the water alternating with each leg.
Take a breath and go underwater then propel myself out of the water. If you rather not go underwater you can also stay above water and move like a boxer would pacing back and forth.

The water is a great place to practice yoga or martial arts
even if you don't know many of the movements
the water will help you feel at peace and  guide you.
The most important part is focusing on your breathing
the deeper the breaths you take the better your body will feel.

If your pool contains chlorine i suggest to always shower right away.
Read this article below about chlorine and how to protect yourself.

What if Al Gore had been president in the year 2000?

As little as 400 votes changed the course of history.
You cant get any different from the likes of George Bush and Al Gore philosophies.

Though a few things might have happened anyway regardless of political motives
911 probably still would have happened.
Though no doubt the U.S.A.would not have went to Iraq
and Afghanistan would have been the focus from the beginning.

With the worlds support behind America in the infancy of 911
likely the Afghan war could have brought a quicker justice to bin laden
and the Taliban would not have the power they yield now.

It is also a safe bet to say that the united states
would have started a green technology push far beyond
what Bush did with his 8 years in office.

Ultimately this investment would have kept more dollars in everyday consumers hands
and the economy could have bounced back quicker from a recession.

I imagine some corporations would struggle more with a higher tax rate
though this could have been balanced
by more consumers buying their products and services.

With how close the vote was in 2000 it is not hard to speculate
that gore could have been a 1 term president
and that in 2004 Georges bigger brother Jeb often regarded as the smarter of the 2
could have been elected in 2004.  This could have then set the stage for hillary in 2008. 
I'm pretty sure Obama would not be sitting in the white house today
if it weren't for 8 years of George Bush.

It is also conceivable to say without the cost of the Iraq war
and the damage this did to the image of the the U.S.A.
That the United States would not have nearly close the debt it has today.

Democrats tend to get the big spenders label though
that wasn't the case with Bill Clinton whose to say his prodigy Gore
would have been any different.

Georges last moves was helping push through the bailout package
something that conservatives will never forgive bush for and trying to forget.
Obama ended up following bushes lead on many issues
like the bailout and wars and extending tax cuts for the wealthy
and this has also weakened his base it is easy to see many of the
youth that turned out for Obama in 08 to disappear in 2012.

The one thing Bush gave us was no Saddam Hussein though at what price?
2 trillion dollars would be a good guess.
You hear in the news recently new dictators
are coming out of the woodwork all the time.
Should we really be in libya right now?

The United states has a shaky foreign policy
as long as they are our dictators we dont mind as they
follow our plan this ultimately has put the U.S.A.
at odds with people who share our values of voting.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How i get 250 followers a day on twitter in 10 minutes

Im giving you the lazy method so if you are in a rush you will get
250 followers a day and will give you close to 90,000 in a year not bad.
If you have 20 min i can give you a more efffective method by copying
and pasting the best follower from another followers list
and pasting it on copy follower tool
and then click on the first 10 people and look for that best follower they have.
And keep repeating till you are full.
This can get you 500 followers in a day.
I do push it to the limits of twitter-ism though a few things i wont do.
I wont unfollow people that i have already followed.

I follow back all people who are following more than 1800 people
that way i wont affect them if they trying to get more followers..
I do check if any of my fans get close to 1800 then i begin to follow them.

I wont unfollow more than 500 people in a 24 hour period
I do follow as many as twitter allows me per day
and i give everyone 24 hours to follow me back
the ones that don't i stop following them then i use the
copy follower feature on
and put in twitter account names that look promising.

I think i have great followers put me in 1st
@turnrichcom using the copy follower feature on
it will recommend my top followers to follow.

Here some other hot names to try @teamtweetback @turnrichcom
@erasemenot, @teamlistback, @teamfollowback @followback @teamfollowbk
Look at some of the people you are following and having success try using them as well.

Don't feel discouraged if most of the people don't follow you back.
What makes this successful is you are constantly putting yourself
1st on somebody Else's follower page
which means many random people will follow you anyway.

I get nothing for promoting
the 5 bucks they ask for the service is way worth it
as it moves faster than twitter following and unfollowing..
You can still use the service though they set a 50 person limit
per day unfollowing if you don't upgrade.

Your welcome to use this article any way you like and put your own twitter account
on the list as long as you keep @turnrichcom mine intact so this is like a free e book for you.

P.S. any moving animated graphic on my blog you are free to use anyway you wish
you can find them by going to the different articles

written by

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Motorcycle mayhem losing a few good men one accident at a time

Back in time when i was 7 years old.
We would play outside in front of the house with friends,
then there was Eddy he was an older teenager and he had a motorcycle.
Eddie would do wheelies as he passed us
we all thought eddy was cool and on the wild side.

Eddy must have thought he was indestructible like many teenagers
though that day eddy never came back. 

Just minutes after seeing Eddy
we could see helicopters in the air and hear the sirens.
Eddy was riding on the notorious bull road
its a very steep hill with many twist and turns. 
The paramedics said that Eddy maybe wiped out
when coming into contact with some gravel on the road. 

The human body really is a fragile piece of equipment
it doesn't take much to lose it and we lost eddy that day.

I had forgotten about Eddy till today
when i got to hang out with a good friend on the 4th of July. 
My good friend is the uncle to nickname "gordo"
Gordo asked me if i wanted to play a game it was a motorcycle game
and when the bike crashes you can see the human body bounce off the pavement
though in games you get another chance in the real life you only get once chance. 

So why is it relevant i talk to you about this game?
Because Gordo also lost his father to a motorbike accident.
I don't know if he knows how or why his father died
maybe it is better that he doesn't know for now
though motorbikes aren't toys and should be driven responsibly
even if the motorcyclist does everything right
he puts his life on the line with other drivers. 

Now I'm not saying go sell your bike
and buy a car heck look how efficient motorbikes are on gas
just don't be like Eddy trying to test the limits.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Top dog park Miami what to look for in a bark park.

I'm a big fan of checking out new dog parks
and seeing what they have to offer women and mans best friend.

The newest dog park located in west Kendall 157 avenue and 11255  zip 33196
Is drawing rave reviews turns out the greatest weakness of the park is not enough parking.

This bark park has it all for dogs i give it a "dogie in heaven" award
  • The grass is very green with a sidewalk for walking.
  • Very wide open space and a section for small dogs and big dogs.
  • Both sections have obstacle courses to build up confidence in your dog.
  • This park has a dog shower and dog water fountain.
  • Has many benches with shade and places to sit for us humans.
  • Has a bathroom for the humans and water fountain for us too.

The greatest weakness of the park is simply the parking
some people still have to park far away and on the sidewalk
its almost always packed after 5 pm till dark..

For the most part the dogs are pretty well behaved and social.

(Keeping a dream log) Stop sign man spotted in my dream!

As i lay resting listening to transient music coming from live radio
I found a new radio station using the search term sleep.
Soon after I had this really alive dream!

I pictured myself traveling with a person who made stop signs for a living.
He was discouraged that countries and wealth influenced where his stop signs went
and he thought wherever he goes he will put his stop sign.

We pass a crossing with little children and buffalo crossing a street
and like magic he smiles and puts down his trademark stop sign.
I look out the back window as we move forward i see the 1st car stop at the new sign
and wonder the power one person can have on changing the world for the better.

It was just one stop sign but maybe this one stop sign saves the life of a young boy,
who has all the potential in the world for doing good and giving back.
This dream really taught me a valuable lesson that all people are capable
of influencing the world and making life on earth a better place.

I urge all of you that whenever you dream as soon as you can write it down.
Keep a log of all your dreams and when you read them again you will
feel as if you are once again in that dream as if it were yesterday though today
its a gift and in the future it will keep on giving..

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pasta and rice staples of billions worldwide now being contaminated by this tiny critter

Next time you eat pasta or rice
you might wanna keep your eyes wide open
as many packages of noodles are now being infested by a bug weevil
that loves pasta as much as you do
any open  packages and he will find his way into your pasta or rice dish.
Just because your house is clean doesn't mean you are safe!
Even at the source of production like the factory or the delivery truck
These grain weevils will find a way inside your cardboard box of pasta or plastic container.
One trick you can do is to shake the package before you buy it
and check the bottom to see if the little critters are present in your pasta.

Get some air tight containers! Chip clips may not be enough to keep these critters out.
You can also freeze food for a week this will kill any larvae in it
you can also use water mixed with bleach in your cupboards
or use a non toxic bug treatment i found from a previous article.
If you find something infested throw it away and vacuum the area and
wipe down with either the water and bleach or you can use this safe method
from a previous article You can click this link for the free do it yourself non toxic bug treatment  

The article above is excellent for removing bugs from your house and dog in a non toxic way fleas, ticks, mites, weevils, cockroaches use this solution where the food sits on kitchen counters, pantry's in trash cans the best news is you can find all of these ingredients for less than 4 dollars click on the above to learn how you can make this non toxic bug solution.   This bug solution actually cured my dog of manage and keeps cockroaches away.

These weevils like everything from dog food to rice and pasta to cereal or other flours to chips. So be sure to remove anything you suspect as these bugs go through 4 stages egg, larva, pupa and adult we usually see these bugs in the adult stage. Most of the damage is done when  these weevils are in the larva stage. Sorry to gross you out with this article though it is better for you to read this then to actually wonder what that crunchy thing is in your pasta.

You can also try adding a clove of garlic to each bag of pasta or rice you have
It is said that allot of these infestations actually start out at the farm or at the processing plant If you open a new package to an infested box of spaghetti let that company know whats going on. Not only they may reimburse you and give you some extra coupons they might actually stop the infestation at the source.  The scary thing is the government does allow a certain percentage of bug parts in pasta! Gross huh

They could have an outbreak at the factory and depending on the package could spread even further. I would not buy packages that just use cardboard alone many bugs can get right through it through the cracks. Im not a big fan of plastic though it does contain bugs more than cardboard.  Look for products that come airtight if not remove to an airtight container.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Pros and Cons of Marijuana legalization

Marijuana often called the gateway drug to more harmful drugs
has been demonized in both political circles for decades,
it is estimated that the United States spends
around 10 billion dollars per year enforcing the ban on marijuana.

The winds are starting to blow in other directions
as the Government who is broke now needs new revenue streams.
Projections show that if marijuana were regulated
that 12 billion dollars plus could be generated per year that is a 22 billion saved per year.

Also the so called devil weed seems less harmful then alcohol and cigarettes.
Laws could still be in place like D.W.I. to keep marijuana smokers in check
for getting behind the wheel. It is clear  that marijuana has gotten a bad rap.

Not only could  it jump start the economy but provide relief to cancer patients and those using chronic pain pills like Oxycontin and Perkasets to go to a less toxic lifestyle.
It is confirmed that Oxycontin is the gateway drug to heron and destroys the liver also people with eating disorders and individuals under high stress could benefit from legalized marijuana.

North Dakota one of the few states that is allowed to grow hemp hasn't turned into the lazy-ville people would think. Actually north Dakota has its capital with the lowest unemployment rate in the country at 2.9 % no recession while some parts of the united states is going through a depression.  Barney Frank a liberal and Ron Paul a conservative have put together a bill to legalize marijuana it is unknown the political will and backing this new bill we have im sure if you were to conduct a poll it would be close to a 50/50 split.

I believe it should be legalized though heavily regulated
by controlling amounts one can be giving and enforcing D.W.I.
requiring drivers not to drive while under the influence.
Marijuana is not for everyone or even most people
as it can take away desire in some people while inspire others.

The potential to become the Amsterdam of the western hemisphere
could be the boost needed to double tourism and improve the economy.
People who want smoke will find a way to do it anyway no matter
how much money the government throws at it with extra police and surveillance equipment.
The ones that stand to lose the most are the drug dealers and the growers
as now they will be undercut by stores and they become the middle men.

If marijuana legalization is passed
it is thought this would also make our borders more secure.
The Mexican gangs and Canadian grow houses would dissipate
this would stop the influx of foreign weed and lessen the possibility of bad dealers
adding chemicals to the product and would be less harmful to the American public.

Me personally i do not smoke marijuana
though ive seen people that could benefit from it firsthand
like my father who underwent chemotherapy and went on a morphine drip.
I have also seen people with a lot of anger management issues that need to chill out.
The amount of fights and destruction caused by Alcohol
would be imposable to count it is hard to imagine marijuana could be any worse.