Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Guess which part of the body is often forgotten about and the foundation of our health?

Are your feet getting the care they deserve?
It is no coincidence
women often live longer than men!
Could it be as simple as a pedicure?
Why do our feet play much
of a important role in our overall health?

The feet are often overlooked.
Especially if you are man
it is just not macho to care for your feet.

Most nerve endings are connected to the feet
in Chinese medicine often they can tell
how a certain organ is doing by the sensitivity
of a certain part of the foot.

People that do not care for their feet tend to have circulation problems
and feel slow and tired. Often these malnourished feed develop hard scaly crusty layers and are often unsightly and develop pains later on in life.

One of the theories behind this growing trend of hurt feet is the blood flow gets trapped in the feet more than any other place and often some of these toxins will stay in the foot and the human body tries to push some of these toxins out of the body through skin layers and some of this plaque will remain if not removed.

One regimen i have undertaken is green tea baths with sea salt
i will remain in this hot bath solution for 20 minutes
and then i will begin to scrap away at the layers underneath my feet.

This may seem gross though necessary
you maybe shocked at the amount of buildup under your feet if you never done it before
I can tell you that the clean fresh feeling you will feel after
will be like a clean you never felt before
I like to finish this treatment off with a peppermint oil and vitamin e rubbed on the feet.

You can use one of those foot smoothing stones or even your fingernail
If that just seems like a little to much work you can also invest in these
foot pads developed in Japan that will remove the toxins in your foot
while you sleep.


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  1. i've tried foot reflexology once and it was very nice although a bit painful at first..