Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pasta and rice staples of billions worldwide now being contaminated by this tiny critter

Next time you eat pasta or rice
you might wanna keep your eyes wide open
as many packages of noodles are now being infested by a bug weevil
that loves pasta as much as you do
any open  packages and he will find his way into your pasta or rice dish.
Just because your house is clean doesn't mean you are safe!
Even at the source of production like the factory or the delivery truck
These grain weevils will find a way inside your cardboard box of pasta or plastic container.
One trick you can do is to shake the package before you buy it
and check the bottom to see if the little critters are present in your pasta.

Get some air tight containers! Chip clips may not be enough to keep these critters out.
You can also freeze food for a week this will kill any larvae in it
you can also use water mixed with bleach in your cupboards
or use a non toxic bug treatment i found from a previous article.
If you find something infested throw it away and vacuum the area and
wipe down with either the water and bleach or you can use this safe method
from a previous article You can click this link for the free do it yourself non toxic bug treatment  

The article above is excellent for removing bugs from your house and dog in a non toxic way fleas, ticks, mites, weevils, cockroaches use this solution where the food sits on kitchen counters, pantry's in trash cans the best news is you can find all of these ingredients for less than 4 dollars click on the above to learn how you can make this non toxic bug solution.   This bug solution actually cured my dog of manage and keeps cockroaches away.

These weevils like everything from dog food to rice and pasta to cereal or other flours to chips. So be sure to remove anything you suspect as these bugs go through 4 stages egg, larva, pupa and adult we usually see these bugs in the adult stage. Most of the damage is done when  these weevils are in the larva stage. Sorry to gross you out with this article though it is better for you to read this then to actually wonder what that crunchy thing is in your pasta.

You can also try adding a clove of garlic to each bag of pasta or rice you have
It is said that allot of these infestations actually start out at the farm or at the processing plant If you open a new package to an infested box of spaghetti let that company know whats going on. Not only they may reimburse you and give you some extra coupons they might actually stop the infestation at the source.  The scary thing is the government does allow a certain percentage of bug parts in pasta! Gross huh

They could have an outbreak at the factory and depending on the package could spread even further. I would not buy packages that just use cardboard alone many bugs can get right through it through the cracks. Im not a big fan of plastic though it does contain bugs more than cardboard.  Look for products that come airtight if not remove to an airtight container.


  1. This is very real, I remember growing up and this happen a few times to my mothers corn meal and flower. We used to get something called surplus food, I believe because of the heat in the kitchen and for it being in storage possibly too long. You are sharing very valuable information.

  2. my whole house has been infested with these bugs :( they are horrible are breeding out of control :(