Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Are your pets or house getting bugs? Do it yourself non-toxic cure fleas ticks mites!

Hi I found a cure for Mange, Ticks, Mites and Fleas
The summer season can be really tough with unwanted critters
entering the house and pets seem to get affected the most.

I'm really sensitive to regular pest control service and bug sprays,
so i wanted to find a way i can keep the pests out without the harmful chemicals as
I have a newborn in the house and family with asthma.

I use to sell this recipe and would go to homes of pets
though no longer as i want to spread this information for free
for the wellness of pet lovers and the sake of having pesticide free houses world wide. 

OK it is really a simple solution you can make in a few minutes
you only need to buy 2 things "hydrogen peroxide 2%" and mule team borax powder"
this can be found in the laundry detergent area.

You add 2/3 thirds water and 1/3 peroxide and then stir in a generous amount of borax powder you can use this solution to mop floors and add to spray bottles also after you give your dog a bath you can put this solution on your dog and leave it on don't wash off if your dog licks herself that is OK she wont get sick.

The peroxide allows the borax to penetrate the skin barrier and getting to the eggs that could be lodged in her coat the eggs cannot spawn when it comes in contact with this solution. Works on most bugs like fleas, ticks, mites, fly's and mosquitoes.

I tried the hard way taking my dog to the vet as they tell me mange is incurable though they have an experimental antibiotic that i had to sign a waiver if it hurt my dog and payed hundreds of dollars giving it to my dog well it didn't work only made my dog sad.

Then i came across this cure and never looked back my dog has her coat back and the mange is gone for good.  If for some reason you cant find the borax powder let me know i will find you some just leave a comment..

Cockroaches also do not like borax powder! Just put the solution along the perimeter of your house along the outside and along the inside.  This is much safer then getting Terminex or Orkin.  Who knows what chemicals they use with those pest control companies! Some Dogs will actually lick off the borax solution treatment! I have heard from many people that this doesn't hurt the dog at all and actually this has an interior defense that can ward of the pesky mites that are lodged deep down in the skin.  While i don't recommend you purposely give your dog borax water licking a little off will  not hurt.

Check by your dogs paws and on her face near nose for odd patches these could be where the mange is concentrated.  It is said all dogs have a low amount of these pesky critters though a strong immune system can ward of these bugs.  And that in times of stress these mites can take root like during a time when your dog is in heat or when they are puppies.

It is also good to take a look at your dogs diet and to add some beneficial foods to your dogs bowel to fight off bacteria's and viruses.  My dog loves Yogert it will also help her digestive system. I also give her vegetables mixed in with brown rice and meat drippings. Mosquitoes can be very dangerous to your dog and give your dog heart worms.  Especially if you live in a hot climate consider bathing her more with this treatment or keeping dog inside during the mosquito months.

My Dog has made a complete recovery no more patches has a beautiful coat now and full of energy. She does this wild spin when she sees cars or movement.


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  5. OMG...Since I live in Florida, and own 4 pets (a dog, and 3 cats) I am continually having to fight fleas. At least twice a year I go through at least 2 months of infestations in my house and on my pets. Not to mention the little buggers love me too. I absolutley hate having to poisoin our pets and house with the insecticides, but it is the only thing that will kill them..and it takes several applications to get rid of them and months of suffering for my pets. I am going to try this!!! Thanks for this info. I will let you know if it works.

  6. It should work if you can apply the solution at the same time on your dogs and in the dog areas where they like to hang out. You need to leave the solution on and not wash it off if your dog licks it wont harm them.. You can also use it outside if they have a Doggie house and along the perimeter of your house and fence. I'm not too sure if ok for cats though so maybe just get them a flee collar.