Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Why adding a language translator to your blog or website is so important!

  • Adding a language translator to your blog or website is a no brainer! 
  • The odds are high that people from many different countries will be viewing your website. You want to make it easier for your viewers to be able to see what you have to say. Id  say about 25% of the people that come to my blog reside in the USA the rest are from all walks of life and you cant forget them as they can be the ones that make an impact with rich comments and sharing the information with friends.
  • The language translator i like to use is the Google translator Im happy that i found the Google translator the freedom of information is what empowers us beyond language barriers.  
  • This type of technology can link peoples together beyond nationality to get a true understanding of each others strife's and struggles, accomplishments and aspirations I am here for you my friend what ever is on your mind you can tell me i will be listening..

Here is the place to go to add the translator to  your website or blog

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  1. I think adding a Website translation services into your blog makes your blog more friendly to your visitors. Anyway, that's my opinion. Thanks for sharing.