Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hidden dangers in everyday products and ways to lessen risk.

Non stick cooking pans have been the fad of kitchens and chefs worldwide
though the non stick coatings can be a cancer risk if it is scratched off or deteriorates.
One way you can avoid this is by using iron cooking ware if iron is scratched off into your food it is actually beneficial or you can use stainless steel cookware.
If you  really like your non stick pans try to avoid having metal
come in contact with the non stick coating.

Drinking out of anything plastic one way to reduce risk is to avoid anything that you know has been heated with plastic for example hot sun on your water bottle or reheated plastic in the microwave. Heat increases the acceleration of toxic chemical release in plastics also your coffee machine might have plastic materials.

Drinking too much soda like coca cola or gaseous liquids. 
For one coca cola has so much acid in it you have to wonder
if coca cola is used to clean car batteries the damage it must do to your internals. 
It takes 10 cups of water to neutralize one cup of coca cola.
The thought process behind this is a more acidic body
is more prone to disease and infections.
Also studies have shown that bones weaken from prolonged exposure to soda.

Swimming in chlorinated pools now i love the pool so this really bothers me though
there are alternatives to chlorine in pools like using ultraviolet lights, or substituting chlorine for hydrogen peroxide or have a better filtering system.
Now if you have no choice about the chlorine here are some steps to protect yourself
1) Always shower right after swimming in chlorine
2) Get some sesame seed oil and rub a little bit on before going in the pool
this will stop the chlorine from raking havoc on your skin.
Chlorine is a volatile chemical and has shown to cause asthma and other chronic diseases and is one of the chemicals used during ww2 to make a toxic gas.

Avoid meat preserved with sodium nitrates, 
nitrates can cause cancer in the gut lots of deli meat and hot dogs are preserved with nitrates though you can find some types that are more naturally preserved.
Your local water supply don't depend on your local government to give you clean water.
Too many factors that could go wrong with water it is best you have some type of purification at your source. Some filters are better than others the standard are carbon based filters those only go so far. Steam distilling seems to be pretty effective and can even remove nuclear waste.


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