Friday, June 3, 2011

The advantages and disadvantages on networking major social websites

Twitter advantage you can see the top 10 trends
and target messages with the trend in your tweet
though building up followrs is easier said than done
after 2000 following they set limits of people you can keep following
until you have enough followers So its a good idea to join
those followback teams #followback #followyou  so you can build more followers fast.

Facebook maybe the most popular social platform today though they are really strict on adding new friends you could have your account blocked just for following the suggested friends button in less than 10 minutes.  Here i would recommenced to join discussions with a search and find people who are open to networking also you should create many different pages as they will show up on search engines and if you hit a hot topic you  may find your  page being liked a lot and the like button in facebook is gold!

Myspace the social icon of 5 years ago has slipped in popularity throughout the years with the explosive growth of twitter and facebook.  One advantage to sticking with a myspace is they do not set limits on the amount of friends you have! Facebook has a 5000 friends limit.  You could get 100 thousand friends on myspace in a couple months.

Youtube videos is  the way to go these videos tend to show up rather high in search engine results. Also the power of video cannot be underestimated! If your not on Youtube you are missing a huge chuck of exposure.

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  1. i find twitter boring. i don't have myspace. and not too crazy about youtube. i got facebook but rarely use it unless i have new photos to share to my family... :) nothing beats blog for me..