Sunday, June 12, 2011

Coffee confessions of an addict. My cherished coffee concoctions and steps to that perfect cup of heaven.

As a younger kid growing up in suburbia my parents were the typical 9-5 coffee drinkers. They would have a Mr coffee machine and drink Maxwell house or Folgers usually drinking coffee black or mixing in a little bit of milk that was about as daring as it got for them drinking coffee. I wasn't such a fan at the time and wondered what people saw in this black bitterness?

Boy how times have changed! I am probably one of the most adventurous coffee drinkers out there always finding new ways to enjoy my coffee and have come across some real winners that i would like to share with you today.

First of all lets talk about the basics when it comes to good coffee
  • water quality
  • the coffee machine you use
  • the beans 
  • additional ingredients
Without good water quality it will be hard to mask the taste this should be purified water
not all coffee machines are built the same i would stay away from any coffee machine that uses a plastic reservoir as water quality drops while using plastic and the contamination of bpa when combined with heat plastic and water can make your coffee toxic. Im into using a stainless steel machine i can use right on the cook top. 
I tend to like a dark roast rich tasting beans when i moved to Miami i developed a taste for the Cuban style coffee and other south American delights usually the arabica was they type of bean
i am into if you have the time you can get your own grinder for even fresher tasting coffee.
Colombian beans are also great..
The next section is the sweet tooth part of the article if you are a diabetic i apologize to you as this might be to sweet for your tastes though cinnamon may help your intake of sugar "food for thought"
Not all sugars are made the same way depending on the hours of the day should also be considered when deciding which kind of sugar to apply to your coffee if it is the morning and you are expecting a busy day and maybe you don't wanna gain any weight you can use a local honey and boost your immunities at the same time.  if you could care less about gaining weight
and just enjoy a premium coffee go with a turbinado sugar or better yet my ultimate coffee secret bake some sweet potatoes and while the orange sweet potatoes are still hot take a spoon and take off the natural sugar from them all i can say is wow when it comes to the taste when combined with coffee.
If you like a creamy cup of coffee try a good vanilla bean ice cream adds a decadent taste if you like your coffee cold add some crushed ice this recipe will beat Starbucks every time.
If you like chocolate add your favorite type though only add a little as you don't want the chocolate to be overpowering..

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  1. Now, this post is something I really needed !

  2. im starting to enjoy blending coffee on the blender with ice and caramel.. though you want to do that on a low speed otherwise the coffee will froth up too much