Friday, June 10, 2011

Two must have free twitter tools & more get follower techniques.

  • If you have a twitter account and your looking to increase your followers?
  • Here are a couple of free twitter tools that will give you an advantage.
  • The first tool will allow you to find out the oldest people on your following list that wont follow you back you can take out the ones with little activity and get rid of people that aren't following you back  save that spot for somebody who is active and already following you.
  • Twitter has built in limits in the amount of people that you can unfollow and follow in a day also you might be familiar with the term Twitter prison when you cant follow anymore because you might not have enough followers!
  • This tool will balance out your #s so you can build your followers faster than before.  It is free to use though they set a 50 person unfollow limit per day.
  • The next twitter tool that im really impressed with finds people that have mentioned you before in tweets and does automated shoutouts for you! 
  •  If your looking to get followed fast you wanna catch people when they are in a following mood. Last night I had one korean guy who followed me I followed him right back as soon as i did that i had 100 more koreans following me within a few hours! Follow people that are active and look for the last people that have followed them these people will more likely follow you back right away. 
  • @TurnRichCom my twitter
  • If your looking to get fully automated on twitter you can click
  • on this text


    1. I went ahead and paid the 5 bucks for one year at so i can go above the 50 person max per day it allows me to build followers faster as you want to be on the top of followers list to get more people to click on you..being in the middle of a 40,000 list may seem great at 1st but odds are people wont make it that far..

    2. @ @ @
      Twitter stats for
      5,405 Followers (+456 yesterday, +237 on average)

      237 a day is not bad :P i been sticking to a few new principles that has been working

    3. 237 avg times 365 = 86505 followers in 1 year
      i follow as many as twitter allows me per day and i give everyone 24 hours to follow me back the ones that don't i stop following them then i use the copy follower feature on and put in twitter account names that look promising.

      I get nothing for promoting the 5 bucks they ask for the service is way worth it as it moves faster than twitter following and unfollowing..

    4. Thanks for sharing this post with us, i have also used the twitter grader tool to visit my twitter status.

    5. Wow! marvelous discussion to free, thanks author.