Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How I got 1 of my blog articles 1st place in a google search result!

That is right I received a 1st place search result on Google and I didn't even know it!
On one of my articles on my blog at http://add-new-people.blogspot.com/ about free virus protection. It is really simple and funny how it happened because I was basically responding to myself using a new widget I added to my blog called line buzz which allows your readers to highlight any words they want and make comments on them well it turns out Google searches these inline buzz comments so it is good for line buzz and good for your blog to allow readers to make these comments inline on anything on your site.  So out of 791,000 search results #1 for now
on Google with a few combination of keywords.  You see where im getting at here. Really your title of your article is significant in a search result this will be in the description of Google search. Then whatever is highlighted on line buzz in your article will be the title of the search result on Google so what ya waiting for line buzz is free im not gaining anything for sharing this just hopefully a dedicated reader that can prosper of some of the ideas presented here..enjoy :)

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