Thursday, June 2, 2011

The effects of a lockout in professional sports like NBA and NFL

It was an oddity to hear a great player like Ray Lewis just come out and say that without the NFL more people will commit crime. I am not denying this idea it does seem more likely without the outlet to let out energy in covering sports people would be more likely to do other things trouble being one of them. Ray Lewis says people live through the players though what does that say about how much we care about sports to the point of making them idols few deserve the real roll model status.  What does it say about the owners who are getting record profits and unwilling to budge on a few petty million when they make billions. I point the finger at both owners and players for even getting to this point regardless if the season is delayed or not.  You pay hundreds to go to a game pay 30 bucks to park 20 bucks for a beer 10 dollars for a pretzel who is the one really getting shafted here it is the fan the fan didn't do nothing wrong except worship the player..

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