Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hidden dangers in everyday products and ways to lessen risk.

Non stick cooking pans have been the fad of kitchens and chefs worldwide
though the non stick coatings can be a cancer risk if it is scratched off or deteriorates.
One way you can avoid this is by using iron cooking ware if iron is scratched off into your food it is actually beneficial or you can use stainless steel cookware.
If you  really like your non stick pans try to avoid having metal
come in contact with the non stick coating.

Drinking out of anything plastic one way to reduce risk is to avoid anything that you know has been heated with plastic for example hot sun on your water bottle or reheated plastic in the microwave. Heat increases the acceleration of toxic chemical release in plastics also your coffee machine might have plastic materials.

Drinking too much soda like coca cola or gaseous liquids. 
For one coca cola has so much acid in it you have to wonder
if coca cola is used to clean car batteries the damage it must do to your internals. 
It takes 10 cups of water to neutralize one cup of coca cola.
The thought process behind this is a more acidic body
is more prone to disease and infections.
Also studies have shown that bones weaken from prolonged exposure to soda.

Swimming in chlorinated pools now i love the pool so this really bothers me though
there are alternatives to chlorine in pools like using ultraviolet lights, or substituting chlorine for hydrogen peroxide or have a better filtering system.
Now if you have no choice about the chlorine here are some steps to protect yourself
1) Always shower right after swimming in chlorine
2) Get some sesame seed oil and rub a little bit on before going in the pool
this will stop the chlorine from raking havoc on your skin.
Chlorine is a volatile chemical and has shown to cause asthma and other chronic diseases and is one of the chemicals used during ww2 to make a toxic gas.

Avoid meat preserved with sodium nitrates, 
nitrates can cause cancer in the gut lots of deli meat and hot dogs are preserved with nitrates though you can find some types that are more naturally preserved.
Your local water supply don't depend on your local government to give you clean water.
Too many factors that could go wrong with water it is best you have some type of purification at your source. Some filters are better than others the standard are carbon based filters those only go so far. Steam distilling seems to be pretty effective and can even remove nuclear waste.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

How you sleep can make a difference how you feel.

Not everybody sleeps the same way
and not everybody feels the same way after waking up.
Connect the dots together and we have a pattern.

What I have found out is people that sleep on their side
tend to have more back pain than those who sleep on their back.

I have noticed first hand how sleeping on my side waking up with tightness in my back
and hearing more popping sounds as my back tries to realign itself
after sleeping on my side this doesn't happen as much while sleeping on my back. 

Another factor in sleep is mattress quality some people think a soft mattress is the way to go though it seems a firmer mattress gives the body more support.
You can also try placing a pillow below legs sometimes this will relieve pressure on your back.

Is your sleep pattern in tune with the cycles of the earth?
Are you waking up with the morning sun and falling asleep when the sun sets?
This also determines quality sleep and is linked to better health.

IF you have problems falling asleep you can try a few things to relax.
Nothing can beat exercise as a worked out body needs to recover and will
be more receptive to sleep not only will you sleep better you will feel better
as your body draws in more oxygen to fuel the muscles.
You will wake up like a champion ready to knock out the world.

Avoid caffeine after lunch you could try Valerian root or
melatonin that can regulate your sleep cycle
though melatonin can give you more vivid dreams. Add turkey to your diet.
It is no coincidence you get sleepy after a thanksgiving meal..

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Are your pets or house getting bugs? Do it yourself non-toxic cure fleas ticks mites!

Hi I found a cure for Mange, Ticks, Mites and Fleas
The summer season can be really tough with unwanted critters
entering the house and pets seem to get affected the most.

I'm really sensitive to regular pest control service and bug sprays,
so i wanted to find a way i can keep the pests out without the harmful chemicals as
I have a newborn in the house and family with asthma.

I use to sell this recipe and would go to homes of pets
though no longer as i want to spread this information for free
for the wellness of pet lovers and the sake of having pesticide free houses world wide. 

OK it is really a simple solution you can make in a few minutes
you only need to buy 2 things "hydrogen peroxide 2%" and mule team borax powder"
this can be found in the laundry detergent area.

You add 2/3 thirds water and 1/3 peroxide and then stir in a generous amount of borax powder you can use this solution to mop floors and add to spray bottles also after you give your dog a bath you can put this solution on your dog and leave it on don't wash off if your dog licks herself that is OK she wont get sick.

The peroxide allows the borax to penetrate the skin barrier and getting to the eggs that could be lodged in her coat the eggs cannot spawn when it comes in contact with this solution. Works on most bugs like fleas, ticks, mites, fly's and mosquitoes.

I tried the hard way taking my dog to the vet as they tell me mange is incurable though they have an experimental antibiotic that i had to sign a waiver if it hurt my dog and payed hundreds of dollars giving it to my dog well it didn't work only made my dog sad.

Then i came across this cure and never looked back my dog has her coat back and the mange is gone for good.  If for some reason you cant find the borax powder let me know i will find you some just leave a comment..

Cockroaches also do not like borax powder! Just put the solution along the perimeter of your house along the outside and along the inside.  This is much safer then getting Terminex or Orkin.  Who knows what chemicals they use with those pest control companies! Some Dogs will actually lick off the borax solution treatment! I have heard from many people that this doesn't hurt the dog at all and actually this has an interior defense that can ward of the pesky mites that are lodged deep down in the skin.  While i don't recommend you purposely give your dog borax water licking a little off will  not hurt.

Check by your dogs paws and on her face near nose for odd patches these could be where the mange is concentrated.  It is said all dogs have a low amount of these pesky critters though a strong immune system can ward of these bugs.  And that in times of stress these mites can take root like during a time when your dog is in heat or when they are puppies.

It is also good to take a look at your dogs diet and to add some beneficial foods to your dogs bowel to fight off bacteria's and viruses.  My dog loves Yogert it will also help her digestive system. I also give her vegetables mixed in with brown rice and meat drippings. Mosquitoes can be very dangerous to your dog and give your dog heart worms.  Especially if you live in a hot climate consider bathing her more with this treatment or keeping dog inside during the mosquito months.

My Dog has made a complete recovery no more patches has a beautiful coat now and full of energy. She does this wild spin when she sees cars or movement.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Why the economy will continue to down spiral and what we can do to fix it.

The bailout $ was like putting a band-aid on a bullet wound.
Whatever side of the political spectrum you are on
you can see the realities now of what happens
when the band-aid falls off.

The unemployment rate is now rising with no end in sight
both political parties have kicked the can so far down the road
it makes you wonder if we are in an economic free fall.

We could talk about how the bailout package
was poorly put together and how giving so much
of the bailout to the banks was a bad idea.

Police, firefighters and teachers are being laid off across  the country.
As more small businesses and home owners cant pay the rent
and vacant shopping stores and houses can be found in every city.

Even with the banks getting unprecedented amount of funds to play with
it is harder now more than ever to get a loan as banks sit on the money
and play with the tax payer money in other ways than investing in people..

When America was at her greatest is when people could come up with an idea,
develop it, and mass produce it making factory jobs for workers
in local communities and creating small businesses around the country.

What happen to the ingenuity of our people i still believe it is here
though it has been locked away for some people as some major corporations
comes into a small town and knocks out the small businesses with better buying power.

Commercial real estate then  crumbles as owners cant afford to stay open.
It is a viscous cycle that now is coming to fruition. Take enough of the peoples
money away and eventually now even the major corporations are feeling the pinch.

The real problem with the US economy is its all about short term gain
what can i make next week next month not about long term growth.
The best way for America to grow is by making and buying
a higher percentage of American products.

If everybody bought 15 % more from the USA then job growth would be through the roof!
Though it is hard to blame consumers often they live paycheck to paycheck 
And buying the cheapest could mean the difference between paying the electricity or not.

Now I'm not saying only buy American that would be unrealistic the rest of the world has too many goods to offer that in the U.S.A. we don't produce like china's alternative medicines, Indian cottons and spices, Colombian coffee, Spanish olives.  The list goes on and on..however..

If the American economy suffers then it can trigger world economic instability prime minister Putin of Russia not a big fan of the U.S.A. even said that the housing crisis in the USA led to the slow growth around the world we are more interconnected than ever before..

How to help a sick puppy

First let me start off by saying I'm not a vet or a Dr.
though i believe strongly in the power of alternative medicine.
Now a days many prescriptions have serious side effects
always do research on what ever is prescribed to you
from what I have found often the trade-off of side effects is too much to compromise. 

Last week my dog "who is a German shepherd" came down with a really bad cold
she was coughing non stop at first i wasn't sure if she had swallowed something
as her breathing was really heavy though i knew it was a flu
because she had Flem coming from her nose.

So i made a chicken soup for dogs and added immune boosters to her water.
I had to omit certain ingredients like onions "onions are really bad for dogs."
I used sweet potato, chicken thighs, celery, carrots, Shitaki mushrooms, little sea salt.

I cooked a little brown rice on the side and added it at the end.
I removed all the bones from the chicken as it is bad to give your dog cooked bones
though the bones did do me a favor in boosting the immunity of the soup
i slow cooked this for several hours..My dog really didn't have much of an appetite
though when she saw this she scarfed it down.

The next thing i did was add a few drops of organic apple cider vinegar "with mother" to her drinking water you don't wanna put too much or your dog wont drink it then i added a vitamin c pack with vitamins.   Id say within 3 days of doing this she is completely better.  I told myself if she got any worse i would have take her to the vet luckily she healed fast.  This is a really healthy diet for your dog the sweet potatoes are good for digestion the brown rice will stop your dog from having diarrhea. i also added a little ginger as it helps with pain and arthritis and works with the salt to dry out the infection and clear the lungs.  This recipe will work on people as well :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Coffee confessions of an addict. My cherished coffee concoctions and steps to that perfect cup of heaven.

As a younger kid growing up in suburbia my parents were the typical 9-5 coffee drinkers. They would have a Mr coffee machine and drink Maxwell house or Folgers usually drinking coffee black or mixing in a little bit of milk that was about as daring as it got for them drinking coffee. I wasn't such a fan at the time and wondered what people saw in this black bitterness?

Boy how times have changed! I am probably one of the most adventurous coffee drinkers out there always finding new ways to enjoy my coffee and have come across some real winners that i would like to share with you today.

First of all lets talk about the basics when it comes to good coffee
  • water quality
  • the coffee machine you use
  • the beans 
  • additional ingredients
Without good water quality it will be hard to mask the taste this should be purified water
not all coffee machines are built the same i would stay away from any coffee machine that uses a plastic reservoir as water quality drops while using plastic and the contamination of bpa when combined with heat plastic and water can make your coffee toxic. Im into using a stainless steel machine i can use right on the cook top. 
I tend to like a dark roast rich tasting beans when i moved to Miami i developed a taste for the Cuban style coffee and other south American delights usually the arabica was they type of bean
i am into if you have the time you can get your own grinder for even fresher tasting coffee.
Colombian beans are also great..
The next section is the sweet tooth part of the article if you are a diabetic i apologize to you as this might be to sweet for your tastes though cinnamon may help your intake of sugar "food for thought"
Not all sugars are made the same way depending on the hours of the day should also be considered when deciding which kind of sugar to apply to your coffee if it is the morning and you are expecting a busy day and maybe you don't wanna gain any weight you can use a local honey and boost your immunities at the same time.  if you could care less about gaining weight
and just enjoy a premium coffee go with a turbinado sugar or better yet my ultimate coffee secret bake some sweet potatoes and while the orange sweet potatoes are still hot take a spoon and take off the natural sugar from them all i can say is wow when it comes to the taste when combined with coffee.
If you like a creamy cup of coffee try a good vanilla bean ice cream adds a decadent taste if you like your coffee cold add some crushed ice this recipe will beat Starbucks every time.
If you like chocolate add your favorite type though only add a little as you don't want the chocolate to be overpowering..

enjoy and come to my website

How i tricked my hosting company into giving me an extra 50 % off! "your going to laugh"

I was debating what hosting company to use. I had several different offers in different browsers. I was just going over the pros and cons of each domain registers.  I had half the information filled out on Just Host shopping cart. Well i guess they knew how close i was to getting the deal with them. I had filled out the email part  Just host messaged me right back and said "hey we see how serious you are don't go anywhere else" and offered me an extra 50% off   

Now I was already impressed with Just host because i thought the prices they had were better than everybody already and they really have been good to me.   If you ever wanna get your own domain name and have it hosted give these guys a look..
Click here Just host

Not many companies give you $ for joining usually it is the other way around your going to like this one.

  • Ive seen hundreds of offers about making money online.
  • A common theme with a lot of these start ups requires a down payment and a monthly fee
  • A company should be able to stand by itself by the quality products it represents.
  • They also offer money back guarantee and gave me $50 bucks for joining.
  • Did i mention it is totally free to participate ?
  • Now you may feel tempted to buy one of these products for yourself i strongly recommend
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Surfing the web listening to your favorite music just got easier with Live Radio!

  • I'm using the wibya toolbar on my website one option I'm really loving is  live radio
  • Its an optional widget that I have plugged into the blog your really gonna dig it.
  • Whatever tunes your into you can tap into all the radio stations around the world. 
  • I just did a search on alternative and so many stations to choose from!
  • If you have a favorite station you can add your favorite station and you will be able to listen to AM or FM radio from your local city or anywhere!
  • You can open up another tab and surf how you do normally and leave the live radio playing.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Two must have free twitter tools & more get follower techniques.

  • If you have a twitter account and your looking to increase your followers?
  • Here are a couple of free twitter tools that will give you an advantage.
  • The first tool will allow you to find out the oldest people on your following list that wont follow you back you can take out the ones with little activity and get rid of people that aren't following you back  save that spot for somebody who is active and already following you.
  • Twitter has built in limits in the amount of people that you can unfollow and follow in a day also you might be familiar with the term Twitter prison when you cant follow anymore because you might not have enough followers!
  • This tool will balance out your #s so you can build your followers faster than before.  It is free to use though they set a 50 person unfollow limit per day.
  • The next twitter tool that im really impressed with finds people that have mentioned you before in tweets and does automated shoutouts for you! 
  •  If your looking to get followed fast you wanna catch people when they are in a following mood. Last night I had one korean guy who followed me I followed him right back as soon as i did that i had 100 more koreans following me within a few hours! Follow people that are active and look for the last people that have followed them these people will more likely follow you back right away. 
  • @TurnRichCom my twitter
  • If your looking to get fully automated on twitter you can click
  • on this text

    The convenience of having a google gmail account.

    Have you noticed when going to a new website that instead of filling out a form you can just use your Google Gmail account? I certainly have talk about saving time!  Pretty soon millions of websites will have this technology it is so beneficial to have a Google Gmail account.  If your into following blogs the Google friend connect option is great and far superior to just using your networked blog account as they set a low limit of 200 while Google friend connect to my knowledge has no limit. Google also released a new feature called Google delegation what it does it allows you to merge all your Google accounts together and you have one primary account so you wont have to log in and out of accounts saving you even more time.

    Thursday, June 9, 2011

    Why adding a classified ad site to your blog or website makes sense

    Keep your viewers coming back with a free classified ad section.
    Where anyone can post ads in an unlimited amount of categories.

    The cool thing is it wont cost you anything for having the free classified ad site on your blog or website actually if anybody upgrades an ad you get a 10 % cut not bad for enriching the content on your site. Also if you refer other webmasters or bloggers you get a 50% referral cut for upgrades.  I was looking for weeks for a classified ad site I could use in my blog and i couldn't find one! I wasn't expecting to find Classifieds that actually paid back with little effort.  All you do is copy and paste the html code and that's it nothing to download nothing to configure simple as cake a toddler could do it.

    Some people may say why would I want a classifieds ad site? The answer is simple what better way to promote yourself than through your own classifieds that will be shared on over a million websites.  Not only are you getting lifetime residual income from the classifieds ad section your getting unique content that many of your viewers may find to be a tremendous benefit to your readers meaning your website will be added to bookmarks more often.  Also some of your readers maybe excited to have the capability of having their own classified ad site and you would be giving it to them and benefiting from sharing.

    click on this link for your own classified ad site

    Wednesday, June 8, 2011

    Why adding a language translator to your blog or website is so important!

    • Adding a language translator to your blog or website is a no brainer! 
    • The odds are high that people from many different countries will be viewing your website. You want to make it easier for your viewers to be able to see what you have to say. Id  say about 25% of the people that come to my blog reside in the USA the rest are from all walks of life and you cant forget them as they can be the ones that make an impact with rich comments and sharing the information with friends.
    • The language translator i like to use is the Google translator Im happy that i found the Google translator the freedom of information is what empowers us beyond language barriers.  
    • This type of technology can link peoples together beyond nationality to get a true understanding of each others strife's and struggles, accomplishments and aspirations I am here for you my friend what ever is on your mind you can tell me i will be listening..

    Here is the place to go to add the translator to  your website or blog

    Tuesday, June 7, 2011

    How I got 1 of my blog articles 1st place in a google search result!

    That is right I received a 1st place search result on Google and I didn't even know it!
    On one of my articles on my blog at about free virus protection. It is really simple and funny how it happened because I was basically responding to myself using a new widget I added to my blog called line buzz which allows your readers to highlight any words they want and make comments on them well it turns out Google searches these inline buzz comments so it is good for line buzz and good for your blog to allow readers to make these comments inline on anything on your site.  So out of 791,000 search results #1 for now
    on Google with a few combination of keywords.  You see where im getting at here. Really your title of your article is significant in a search result this will be in the description of Google search. Then whatever is highlighted on line buzz in your article will be the title of the search result on Google so what ya waiting for line buzz is free im not gaining anything for sharing this just hopefully a dedicated reader that can prosper of some of the ideas presented here..enjoy :)

    Saturday, June 4, 2011

    What to do when a virus malicious code takes over your computer

     HACk, Spyware, Virus, The war to save your computer!

    Last night i had an odd pop up! It said you have a virus and to clean your system press here.
    It looked just like the security center from Microsoft though it was the virus itself..
    Well i made the mistake of clicking it and it took over my computer!
    I could not get on the internet to explore.. It insisted i buy this virus software to clean my system it looked pretty real..though the pricing was different and it seemed fishy!
    I was determined to get it off my computer!  I found some help pages on Microsoft on my computer and they had a link to click for free and i was able to download a scanner and it removed the malicious virus code. Now my computer is running fast and it didn't cost me a dime if you dont have any virus software or your software is out of date you can go here it will ask you if you want the 32 bit or 64 bit i downloaded it and let it scan took a while then it told me to restart the computer and the malicious virus code was gone!!

    Friday, June 3, 2011

    The advantages and disadvantages on networking major social websites

    Twitter advantage you can see the top 10 trends
    and target messages with the trend in your tweet
    though building up followrs is easier said than done
    after 2000 following they set limits of people you can keep following
    until you have enough followers So its a good idea to join
    those followback teams #followback #followyou  so you can build more followers fast.

    Facebook maybe the most popular social platform today though they are really strict on adding new friends you could have your account blocked just for following the suggested friends button in less than 10 minutes.  Here i would recommenced to join discussions with a search and find people who are open to networking also you should create many different pages as they will show up on search engines and if you hit a hot topic you  may find your  page being liked a lot and the like button in facebook is gold!

    Myspace the social icon of 5 years ago has slipped in popularity throughout the years with the explosive growth of twitter and facebook.  One advantage to sticking with a myspace is they do not set limits on the amount of friends you have! Facebook has a 5000 friends limit.  You could get 100 thousand friends on myspace in a couple months.

    Youtube videos is  the way to go these videos tend to show up rather high in search engine results. Also the power of video cannot be underestimated! If your not on Youtube you are missing a huge chuck of exposure.

    Thursday, June 2, 2011

    The effects of a lockout in professional sports like NBA and NFL

    It was an oddity to hear a great player like Ray Lewis just come out and say that without the NFL more people will commit crime. I am not denying this idea it does seem more likely without the outlet to let out energy in covering sports people would be more likely to do other things trouble being one of them. Ray Lewis says people live through the players though what does that say about how much we care about sports to the point of making them idols few deserve the real roll model status.  What does it say about the owners who are getting record profits and unwilling to budge on a few petty million when they make billions. I point the finger at both owners and players for even getting to this point regardless if the season is delayed or not.  You pay hundreds to go to a game pay 30 bucks to park 20 bucks for a beer 10 dollars for a pretzel who is the one really getting shafted here it is the fan the fan didn't do nothing wrong except worship the player..

    Wednesday, June 1, 2011

    Heat wins game 1 in its quest for a championship numbers tell the story!

    The mavs have been a powerhouse throughout the playoffs scoring at will on the western conference teams sweeping the Los Angeles Lakers the x champs then you are supposed to be destined for greatness.  84 points is really uncharacteristic of this Dallas team Jason Kidd finally played his age getting outscored by Mario Chalmers.  Tyson chandler more fouls 5 than rebounds 4 and was outplayed by haslem. Jason terry and Berea non existent.  Dirk made some tough shots though they need dirk to hit the magic # of 30 to have a chance. Marion gives Dallas the best chance to win with his rebounding and creating his own shot. Miami Heat has 2 closers in the 4th quarter and that was the real difference maker in this game. Miami out-rebounded Dallas by 10 rebounds Dallas has to clean that up for any chance to win a championship..Dallas bench went 4 for 22 that was the back breaker..

    Your thoughts..