Saturday, June 4, 2011

What to do when a virus malicious code takes over your computer

 HACk, Spyware, Virus, The war to save your computer!

Last night i had an odd pop up! It said you have a virus and to clean your system press here.
It looked just like the security center from Microsoft though it was the virus itself..
Well i made the mistake of clicking it and it took over my computer!
I could not get on the internet to explore.. It insisted i buy this virus software to clean my system it looked pretty real..though the pricing was different and it seemed fishy!
I was determined to get it off my computer!  I found some help pages on Microsoft on my computer and they had a link to click for free and i was able to download a scanner and it removed the malicious virus code. Now my computer is running fast and it didn't cost me a dime if you dont have any virus software or your software is out of date you can go here it will ask you if you want the 32 bit or 64 bit i downloaded it and let it scan took a while then it told me to restart the computer and the malicious virus code was gone!!

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  1. WOW..This is really helpful tip i will bookmark this site..we all do the same mistake sometimes!!
    really appreciate this information..thank you dude :))