Saturday, June 18, 2011

How to help a sick puppy

First let me start off by saying I'm not a vet or a Dr.
though i believe strongly in the power of alternative medicine.
Now a days many prescriptions have serious side effects
always do research on what ever is prescribed to you
from what I have found often the trade-off of side effects is too much to compromise. 

Last week my dog "who is a German shepherd" came down with a really bad cold
she was coughing non stop at first i wasn't sure if she had swallowed something
as her breathing was really heavy though i knew it was a flu
because she had Flem coming from her nose.

So i made a chicken soup for dogs and added immune boosters to her water.
I had to omit certain ingredients like onions "onions are really bad for dogs."
I used sweet potato, chicken thighs, celery, carrots, Shitaki mushrooms, little sea salt.

I cooked a little brown rice on the side and added it at the end.
I removed all the bones from the chicken as it is bad to give your dog cooked bones
though the bones did do me a favor in boosting the immunity of the soup
i slow cooked this for several hours..My dog really didn't have much of an appetite
though when she saw this she scarfed it down.

The next thing i did was add a few drops of organic apple cider vinegar "with mother" to her drinking water you don't wanna put too much or your dog wont drink it then i added a vitamin c pack with vitamins.   Id say within 3 days of doing this she is completely better.  I told myself if she got any worse i would have take her to the vet luckily she healed fast.  This is a really healthy diet for your dog the sweet potatoes are good for digestion the brown rice will stop your dog from having diarrhea. i also added a little ginger as it helps with pain and arthritis and works with the salt to dry out the infection and clear the lungs.  This recipe will work on people as well :)

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