Sunday, June 26, 2011

How you sleep can make a difference how you feel.

Not everybody sleeps the same way
and not everybody feels the same way after waking up.
Connect the dots together and we have a pattern.

What I have found out is people that sleep on their side
tend to have more back pain than those who sleep on their back.

I have noticed first hand how sleeping on my side waking up with tightness in my back
and hearing more popping sounds as my back tries to realign itself
after sleeping on my side this doesn't happen as much while sleeping on my back. 

Another factor in sleep is mattress quality some people think a soft mattress is the way to go though it seems a firmer mattress gives the body more support.
You can also try placing a pillow below legs sometimes this will relieve pressure on your back.

Is your sleep pattern in tune with the cycles of the earth?
Are you waking up with the morning sun and falling asleep when the sun sets?
This also determines quality sleep and is linked to better health.

IF you have problems falling asleep you can try a few things to relax.
Nothing can beat exercise as a worked out body needs to recover and will
be more receptive to sleep not only will you sleep better you will feel better
as your body draws in more oxygen to fuel the muscles.
You will wake up like a champion ready to knock out the world.

Avoid caffeine after lunch you could try Valerian root or
melatonin that can regulate your sleep cycle
though melatonin can give you more vivid dreams. Add turkey to your diet.
It is no coincidence you get sleepy after a thanksgiving meal..


  1. Exactly true, I also have experienced some uncomfortable backache after getting up from my spring bed. It's more if I slept on a side. I think that is a very good point to notice as this article has already mentioned. Good observation..!
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