Friday, July 1, 2011

Pros and Cons of Marijuana legalization

Marijuana often called the gateway drug to more harmful drugs
has been demonized in both political circles for decades,
it is estimated that the United States spends
around 10 billion dollars per year enforcing the ban on marijuana.

The winds are starting to blow in other directions
as the Government who is broke now needs new revenue streams.
Projections show that if marijuana were regulated
that 12 billion dollars plus could be generated per year that is a 22 billion saved per year.

Also the so called devil weed seems less harmful then alcohol and cigarettes.
Laws could still be in place like D.W.I. to keep marijuana smokers in check
for getting behind the wheel. It is clear  that marijuana has gotten a bad rap.

Not only could  it jump start the economy but provide relief to cancer patients and those using chronic pain pills like Oxycontin and Perkasets to go to a less toxic lifestyle.
It is confirmed that Oxycontin is the gateway drug to heron and destroys the liver also people with eating disorders and individuals under high stress could benefit from legalized marijuana.

North Dakota one of the few states that is allowed to grow hemp hasn't turned into the lazy-ville people would think. Actually north Dakota has its capital with the lowest unemployment rate in the country at 2.9 % no recession while some parts of the united states is going through a depression.  Barney Frank a liberal and Ron Paul a conservative have put together a bill to legalize marijuana it is unknown the political will and backing this new bill we have im sure if you were to conduct a poll it would be close to a 50/50 split.

I believe it should be legalized though heavily regulated
by controlling amounts one can be giving and enforcing D.W.I.
requiring drivers not to drive while under the influence.
Marijuana is not for everyone or even most people
as it can take away desire in some people while inspire others.

The potential to become the Amsterdam of the western hemisphere
could be the boost needed to double tourism and improve the economy.
People who want smoke will find a way to do it anyway no matter
how much money the government throws at it with extra police and surveillance equipment.
The ones that stand to lose the most are the drug dealers and the growers
as now they will be undercut by stores and they become the middle men.

If marijuana legalization is passed
it is thought this would also make our borders more secure.
The Mexican gangs and Canadian grow houses would dissipate
this would stop the influx of foreign weed and lessen the possibility of bad dealers
adding chemicals to the product and would be less harmful to the American public.

Me personally i do not smoke marijuana
though ive seen people that could benefit from it firsthand
like my father who underwent chemotherapy and went on a morphine drip.
I have also seen people with a lot of anger management issues that need to chill out.
The amount of fights and destruction caused by Alcohol
would be imposable to count it is hard to imagine marijuana could be any worse.


  1. interesting long as it does not go out of control....


  2. You make some valid points, but Marijuana can be dangerous too. I've seen people that have used, experience episodes of paranoia. Then they have other brands, such as hashish?, and then sometimes people would sprinkle a little angel dust on it to make it more potent. Join me and share: