Friday, July 8, 2011

What if Al Gore had been president in the year 2000?

As little as 400 votes changed the course of history.
You cant get any different from the likes of George Bush and Al Gore philosophies.

Though a few things might have happened anyway regardless of political motives
911 probably still would have happened.
Though no doubt the U.S.A.would not have went to Iraq
and Afghanistan would have been the focus from the beginning.

With the worlds support behind America in the infancy of 911
likely the Afghan war could have brought a quicker justice to bin laden
and the Taliban would not have the power they yield now.

It is also a safe bet to say that the united states
would have started a green technology push far beyond
what Bush did with his 8 years in office.

Ultimately this investment would have kept more dollars in everyday consumers hands
and the economy could have bounced back quicker from a recession.

I imagine some corporations would struggle more with a higher tax rate
though this could have been balanced
by more consumers buying their products and services.

With how close the vote was in 2000 it is not hard to speculate
that gore could have been a 1 term president
and that in 2004 Georges bigger brother Jeb often regarded as the smarter of the 2
could have been elected in 2004.  This could have then set the stage for hillary in 2008. 
I'm pretty sure Obama would not be sitting in the white house today
if it weren't for 8 years of George Bush.

It is also conceivable to say without the cost of the Iraq war
and the damage this did to the image of the the U.S.A.
That the United States would not have nearly close the debt it has today.

Democrats tend to get the big spenders label though
that wasn't the case with Bill Clinton whose to say his prodigy Gore
would have been any different.

Georges last moves was helping push through the bailout package
something that conservatives will never forgive bush for and trying to forget.
Obama ended up following bushes lead on many issues
like the bailout and wars and extending tax cuts for the wealthy
and this has also weakened his base it is easy to see many of the
youth that turned out for Obama in 08 to disappear in 2012.

The one thing Bush gave us was no Saddam Hussein though at what price?
2 trillion dollars would be a good guess.
You hear in the news recently new dictators
are coming out of the woodwork all the time.
Should we really be in libya right now?

The United states has a shaky foreign policy
as long as they are our dictators we dont mind as they
follow our plan this ultimately has put the U.S.A.
at odds with people who share our values of voting.

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