Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Motorcycle mayhem losing a few good men one accident at a time

Back in time when i was 7 years old.
We would play outside in front of the house with friends,
then there was Eddy he was an older teenager and he had a motorcycle.
Eddie would do wheelies as he passed us
we all thought eddy was cool and on the wild side.

Eddy must have thought he was indestructible like many teenagers
though that day eddy never came back. 

Just minutes after seeing Eddy
we could see helicopters in the air and hear the sirens.
Eddy was riding on the notorious bull road
its a very steep hill with many twist and turns. 
The paramedics said that Eddy maybe wiped out
when coming into contact with some gravel on the road. 

The human body really is a fragile piece of equipment
it doesn't take much to lose it and we lost eddy that day.

I had forgotten about Eddy till today
when i got to hang out with a good friend on the 4th of July. 
My good friend is the uncle to nickname "gordo"
Gordo asked me if i wanted to play a game it was a motorcycle game
and when the bike crashes you can see the human body bounce off the pavement
though in games you get another chance in the real life you only get once chance. 

So why is it relevant i talk to you about this game?
Because Gordo also lost his father to a motorbike accident.
I don't know if he knows how or why his father died
maybe it is better that he doesn't know for now
though motorbikes aren't toys and should be driven responsibly
even if the motorcyclist does everything right
he puts his life on the line with other drivers. 

Now I'm not saying go sell your bike
and buy a car heck look how efficient motorbikes are on gas
just don't be like Eddy trying to test the limits.

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