Sunday, July 3, 2011

(Keeping a dream log) Stop sign man spotted in my dream!

As i lay resting listening to transient music coming from live radio
I found a new radio station using the search term sleep.
Soon after I had this really alive dream!

I pictured myself traveling with a person who made stop signs for a living.
He was discouraged that countries and wealth influenced where his stop signs went
and he thought wherever he goes he will put his stop sign.

We pass a crossing with little children and buffalo crossing a street
and like magic he smiles and puts down his trademark stop sign.
I look out the back window as we move forward i see the 1st car stop at the new sign
and wonder the power one person can have on changing the world for the better.

It was just one stop sign but maybe this one stop sign saves the life of a young boy,
who has all the potential in the world for doing good and giving back.
This dream really taught me a valuable lesson that all people are capable
of influencing the world and making life on earth a better place.

I urge all of you that whenever you dream as soon as you can write it down.
Keep a log of all your dreams and when you read them again you will
feel as if you are once again in that dream as if it were yesterday though today
its a gift and in the future it will keep on giving..

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