Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How i get 250 followers a day on twitter in 10 minutes

Im giving you the lazy method so if you are in a rush you will get
250 followers a day and will give you close to 90,000 in a year not bad.
If you have 20 min i can give you a more efffective method by copying
and pasting the best follower from another followers list
and pasting it on copy follower tool
and then click on the first 10 people and look for that best follower they have.
And keep repeating till you are full.
This can get you 500 followers in a day.
I do push it to the limits of twitter-ism though a few things i wont do.
I wont unfollow people that i have already followed.

I follow back all people who are following more than 1800 people
that way i wont affect them if they trying to get more followers..
I do check if any of my fans get close to 1800 then i begin to follow them.

I wont unfollow more than 500 people in a 24 hour period
I do follow as many as twitter allows me per day
and i give everyone 24 hours to follow me back
the ones that don't i stop following them then i use the
copy follower feature on
and put in twitter account names that look promising.

I think i have great followers put me in 1st
@turnrichcom using the copy follower feature on
it will recommend my top followers to follow.

Here some other hot names to try @teamtweetback @turnrichcom
@erasemenot, @teamlistback, @teamfollowback @followback @teamfollowbk
Look at some of the people you are following and having success try using them as well.

Don't feel discouraged if most of the people don't follow you back.
What makes this successful is you are constantly putting yourself
1st on somebody Else's follower page
which means many random people will follow you anyway.

I get nothing for promoting
the 5 bucks they ask for the service is way worth it
as it moves faster than twitter following and unfollowing..
You can still use the service though they set a 50 person limit
per day unfollowing if you don't upgrade.

Your welcome to use this article any way you like and put your own twitter account
on the list as long as you keep @turnrichcom mine intact so this is like a free e book for you.

P.S. any moving animated graphic on my blog you are free to use anyway you wish
you can find them by going to the different articles

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  1. Good tips. But allow 24 hours to follow you back. Because some are too busy, like me ;) Otherwise good tips for all twitters. I think it is better to ask your readers to leave their twitter name as a comment.

  2. Another cool feature that
    has is white-listing i do whitelist all my fellow bloggers so i don't unfollow them by accident.

    They also have a show your fans feature shows stats and show non followers with stats and shows it in a time-line so you can see the oldest ones 1st.

  3. New strategy seems to be working.

    Twitter stats for
    (+583 yesterday, +320 on average)

  4. Twitter stats for
    (+702 yesterday, +436 on average)
    i tweaked a few things for better results

  5. Just to be careful guys instead of doing this
    daily cycle i would spread it out more maybe give 2 or 3 days for somebody to follow you back.