Friday, July 8, 2011

Unique pool exercises to boost your cardio and super stretching

The human body is built to swim we feel a certain closeness with water
as we developed a bond with our mother surrounded by embryonic fluid and webbed hands.

It's summer time! When bathing suits come out of hibernation get ready for the pool.
The pool is a wonderful place to workout low impact on your joints and muscles 
so if you had injuries in the past this is a great place to loosen up.
I highly recommend getting water goggles that covers eyes and nose
as the exercises we are talking about requires lots of working out underwater.
If you have sensitive ears consider ear plugs as well.

A great way to warm up is power walking in water 
put your fingers together and make waves.
Use the resistance of the water to give your muscles a workout.

The pool ladder usually located in the deep end of the pool can help you out tremendously while working out you can put your legs over the top and do crunches under the water and when you need to come up you can grab onto the latter.

Also the pool ladder can help you do super stretching that you would find hard to do in regular gravity.  Try positioning your legs on the bar on your back while lying flat on the water you can submerge yourself back and touch the floor of the pool with your hands if you cant reach that is ok just go to where it feels comfortable and get a good stretch.

Once i feel warmed up i start jumping up out of the water alternating with each leg.
Take a breath and go underwater then propel myself out of the water. If you rather not go underwater you can also stay above water and move like a boxer would pacing back and forth.

The water is a great place to practice yoga or martial arts
even if you don't know many of the movements
the water will help you feel at peace and  guide you.
The most important part is focusing on your breathing
the deeper the breaths you take the better your body will feel.

If your pool contains chlorine i suggest to always shower right away.
Read this article below about chlorine and how to protect yourself.


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