Sunday, June 2, 2013

Make Money Passing out Free Prescription Discount cards

discount prescription cards are growing in popularity with the rise of drug costs in the united states.  Make 1.20 on every prescription used through the card.  Most pharmacies will input the card #s into system so when the customer goes back for refills or other prescription you will automatically get credited for the prescriptions.  You can also recruit other members and make your own team for overrides.  Checks go out every month and it is free to join no requirements to buy anything and no minimum selling quotas. I actually stepped away from this bussiness for 5 months and went back to being active because my checks were growing without doing anything. It's a good business to get into because once you get it going you ca build momentum to keep growing. Find out more by clicking on the link. This is an "A" rated company by the BBB. And the cards are accepted at the major chain stores.

Make Money Passing out Free Prescription Discount

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