Sunday, May 29, 2011

Apricot seeds a cure for cancer?

 A cancer fighter?

I was talking with a friend the other day and he said it is custom in his country of Egypt to bake apricot seeds and to mash it and add this to breads! He said virtually all people who eat bread this way with the shaved apricot seed never get cancer regardless if they smoke 2 packs a day!  The apricot seed supposedly works in a similar way to chemotherapy without the side effects of chemo be warned you can overdose on apricot seed though in moderation this maybe something you want to add to your diet especially if you live to the extreme or have a family history with cancer..I read it is important to add zinc to your diet and to add sulfer to your diet to neutrilize some of the side effects associated when taking apricot seed.

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For a more informed breakdown of the apricot seed fighting cancer go to this link


  1. very interesting, I've book marked this and will come back to investigate further - Love these kind of posts! Thanks

  2. Thanks Paul I just followed one of your blogs. You also have a really nice property i liked in Aguine.. This post is pretty old and i should probably add more information too short :P