Friday, May 27, 2011

The power of twitter

Have you let your twitter bird free?
While making a new tab bar on bottom of this blog I saw the added feature of "twitter"
I have myspace all ready, i have facebook now, i have a new blog,
I have my own domain now
Now it is time for twitter! I believe in the power of giving if i can give you a great idea that helps you develop a niche for you then maybe you will remember this blog.

So i just started following people that have equal ratios and before you know it within one hour i have 18 people following me maybe when i wake up in a few hours that number will be tripled I have a feeling in a month i will be able to send out a tweet to thousands!

You can do it too! It is real easy connect your blog to twitter follow me and follow who Is following me and before you know it people will be following you..

Also another important feature i have figured out is the power of #
when you use # in your tweets they get in search engines of twitter
like #follow #celebrity #followback use these in your tweets..

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1 comment:

  1. 123 Followers within 15 hours
    did about 2 hours of following not bad..people following me will likely follow you quickly..