Sunday, December 4, 2011

Best way to surf Blogs and generate more hits website blog traffic get back to your blog exchange

Best way to blog walk surf if you have your own blog
and looking to generate more traffic hits. Get this!
This blog exchange rewards you with free hits to your blog
when you surf from their website for each website you visit
you will in turn get hits to your blog.
Also when you refer other bloggers they have a special right now
that you will get 100 visitors to your website for each new person you sign up.

So i tested the this surfing website today
and i came across some really cool blogs
A counter goes off when you can claim credit for visiting a blog it takes
about 10 seconds i did find myself staying much longer on some blogs
as a few caught my attention.  Anybody who had Google friend connect
i try to follow and read some posts and leave comments with links back to my blog.

Then with the free credits i picked up from blog surfing
i select some of my blogs that i want to be seen on network
and i have noticed that i'm getting extra traffic
when i check my Google stats from blogclicker
I have 4 different urls and im spreading out my traffic
to my different blogs and affiliates.

They have many great banners you can use that will fit your blog
And these will allow you to build a down-line so you will get more hits
to your blog and each banner will contain your affiliate id
here is an example of one of the banners i use you can click on it
to join for free.

The cool thing is you can do this all for free
and build a down-line of fellow bloggers and you will earn hits
5 levels deep on who they refer as well so down the line
you will see a real benefit in signing up for this blog exchange
especially if you like to blog walk and discover new blogs
you might as well get rewarded for reading up on new blogs.

I look at this as hitting 3 birds with one stone.
You networking efforts will be tripled as you go from blog to blog
people will in turn see you blog and join this blog service.

If you have a decent network you might not need to surf much at all
I been getting decent credits just off 2 people that signed up for free.

You don't have to pay anything though if your not surfing blogs at all
and not trying to refer anyone they do have a pro version
that gives you more traffic i haven't upgraded to pro
so i cant tell you much about that. Just that if you go pro
you get more credits and commissions.

What i can tell you is the free version is effective in blog promotion
And if you have a blog it is a great way to get more readers.
Almost all blogs are welcome you can even put links to your affiliates.

Ok now i'm on day 3 of using this block exchange
now i have 2 referrals that really pumped up my credits to over 200
each credit is worth 25 banner impressions i could
decide to turn in all my credits for 6525 banner impressions.

Credit Summary
Credits Left:
Credits Earned: 261.85
Banner Credits:

The guy who showed me this 3 days ago Tony is on fire this week! 
Tony will likely win the 1st prize he has 10 people that joined him this month.
Looks like he will win the 5000 credits and 5000 banner impressions.
With the 2 people that joined me that puts me in second..
2nd and 3rd place is up for grabs you could start now 
and win this months 2nd prize 3000 banner impressions + 3000 credits 
3rd place prize is 2000 banner impressions + 2000 credits

get started blog exchange


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  5. Good post, I use Blogclicker as well, and I like the results.

  6. I got lucky and beat tony for 1st place blogclicker
    gave me

    *** Referrals ***
    For a short time only we are offering 100 credits for each new member you introduce to BlogClicker
    Referral Link:

    Credit Summary

    Credits Left:
    5559.14 (Assign)

    5559 credits that should hold me out for 6 months :)