Friday, December 9, 2011

How to sell on EBAY cut your operating costs in half! Tips to help this is not a sales pitch :)

Many people wonder what they can sell on e Bay ?
Some products do better than others on
My ebay is bookmarked 1st on my browser!
You could try to sell hot new items that everyone wants
though you will find a crowded field of other savvy eBay marketers
who might have more buying power.

That is Ok the reason why i love eBay is
i would say a good
75 % of my buyers do not live in big cities.
These people don't have tons of stores around where they live
it is easier for them to buy off eBay than to spend time and money on gasoline.

This is why if you live in the city or have hookups to unique products
or just have some interesting yet cheap stores around your area
then you have a starting point to build your eBay biz.

Maybe you don't want or don't have money to invest in products.
All you really need is a camera and a  imagination.
Take your pictures in the sunlight to get the best shots.
Network with small business owners or even neighbors in your area
that you would be interested in selling some of their products.

If you know a store always has a particular product
you could just take a picture and when the item sells
go buy it that way you wont tie up your money
waiting for the product to sell to recoup your funds.
You just want to be sure when the auction is over
you can mail out the item with 2 days..

Here is another idea eBay has an option
if you would like to donate a % to a charity.
You can choose the amount to donate 10 % and up..
You could network with neighbors to donate clothes for a charity.
Ebay will actually pay you back listing fees for donating into charities!
You can start donations for a good cause
and get people to give you clothes and resell them.

Garage sales are also great places to find eBay items!
Some people really don't know what they have and will
give away the farm purchase a lot of clothes for 5 dollars 20 pieces
turn around and sell one for 5 dollars and have 19 more to sell.

If you are new to eBay or even a pro then you know the lighter
and smaller the item you are selling the better
if you can keep the shipping cost down you will find allot more buyers
who will be willing to place bids.   That is why little items are
the way to go you can then offer free shipping
and not take a big hit if it fits into your business model
and you can make enough profit to make that choice.

What would be wise is to find some items you can sell under 1 pound
including the box and packing materials the item will be packed with
that way you will only pay around 2.50 USPS parcel post if you can fit
you item in bubble mailers even cheaper 1.50.

Here is the catch when i went to the post office today
i had one item that weighed 1 pound and 1/10th of an ounce
can you believe i had to pay an extra 4 dollars shipping for that 1/10th of an ounce?

So yes your packing materials can save you a bundle of money in the long run.
The pros like to use peanuts these are much lighter than paper!
You want to make sure whatever you send out will not move back in forth inside the
box so you can fill up the box with peanuts.  And well peanuts cost peanuts :)

Peanuts could mean the difference in you making an extra 4 dollars on one package
i had ran out of peanuts today and instead i had to use shredded paper which
is about twice as heavy and time consuming to shred..

Also the boxes themselves cost money here is another trick to save money
USPS gives away boxes that say priority mail it is allot more $ to send priority
SO what you do is go to post office and take these boxes home and then
wrap the priority mail boxes with brown paper you can buy rolls of these
for 1 dollar at a dollar store and now you got free boxes :)

You would be surprised what people would buy keep it simple
try not to oversell the product or your message well come out too desperate.
Make it sound informative and if something is wrong it is better
to mention this in your description.  You would be surprised people
will still make bids for defective items and will trust you much more
for being upfront with them.  Your feedback on Ebay is worth gold!

Also you can advertise your my world eBay link everywhere!
This shows all your current auctions and bio with feedback rating. I'm Ilikeitthanku

myworldebay is more effective than sending out a link to one auction
because the my eBay link never expires unlike auction links that  expire every week.

You can also sign up at Auctiva
i have a Auctive scroll bar in most of my auctions
so customers can see other items i am selling without leaving page
you will cross sell more this way and have multiple item sales from one bidder.

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