Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Los Angeles Lakers Kobe Bryant and Clipper Chris Paul Face off in what could have been..

Watching the Lakers and Clippers tonight you can see how many people
are thinking the Clippers are going to win a lot of games with a 20 point
lead late in the forth quarter Laker fans can only wonder would would have been
with chriss paul at the point? It would have been some pretty basketball Chris dishing
off to Kobe.
A poll was conducted during the game and 65 % thought the Clippers
would win more games then the Kobe lead Lakers though the Clips have
lots of potential with the ever sure sharp shooting Chauncey Billups veteran
and still 15 points a game scorer Caron Butler with high flying dunker Blake Griffon.

The Lakers just have some bad mojo floating around with the recent
divorce of Kobe Bryant and his long time wife who allegedly caught
Kobe in a extramarital affair red handed.  Then the Kobe and Paul Gasol saga
what happen there supposedly Paul Gasol game was off in the last playoffs because
Kobe was talking with his wife and this deteriorated the chemistry of the Lakers getting
blown out in the playoffs.  Lamer Odom also felt bitter that the Lakers let him go
and his bimbo wife Kardashian was fuming to be leaving star struck L.A.

Kobe can still play at a high level though he cannot be everything  he once
was and will show you flashes that he can still be the best though you have
to wonder about his age factor can he continue to hold up and be the player
the lakers need him to be night in and night out.  Andrew Bynum is good
though you wonder about his knees he also is a question mark.  You really
wonder if this will be the final roster or does mike brown and co have
another trick up the sleeve after watching in city rival pull of the gem of
free agency.

Dwight Howard is demanding a trade after a rough start
against in state rivial Miami heat people were questioning
that Howards heart is just not in it playing for the magic
and the Stan Van Gundy mantra maybe wearing thin with Dwight.

Dwight will be free to walk after this season
it is hard to imagine the magic will let Dwight Howard walk away
with nothing and the Lakers already showed once
they were willing to part ways with Gasol as the magic maybe willing to deal
with the Lakers to recoup what they can and rebuild the team minus Howard.

The Miami Heat also was also thought to be in the Dwight Howard talks
for trading one of the big 3 as Pat Riley always likes to have dominate centers
in his offenses to create a new big 3 and this maybe the best way the Orlando
magic can get back value in a trade as what other teams will be able to
give up a piece to match what Dwight can do?

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