Friday, December 9, 2011

TV maker Sony reports from headquarters in Japan of a damaged component that may over heat and ignite!

If you own a Sony TV you can check
if your model maybe affected.
Sony support is not recalling these models
but a certified technician will inspect
all the tvs that have these model #s

KDL-40V3000, KDL-40W3000, KDL-40VL130,
KDL-40WL135, KDL-40XBR4, KDL-40XBR5
If one of these #s is on the back of your TV you can call 888-868-7389

Some of these units could have a damaged component that causes overheating
and could actually ignite and maybe become a future fire hazard.
Though no actually cases of damage or fire has happened
Sony is reporting that it is rare for this to occur even if you
have one of these models just to be safe Sony will check it out for you
Sony will come out to your house for free and fix it if it finds your TV
has the damaged component.

Sony had responded to a claim of a man
who had a smoking 40 inch Sony Bravia TV the man had reported
on the new government consumer product safety website
And Sony sent out a technician to his house turns out the real
culprit was lizard who had crawled inside his TV and died
between some circuits.  Sony put the picture of the dead lizard
on the safety website so not always is it Sony's fault you can blame that
one on the lizards.

Sony had faced one of the most grueling hack attacks of last year
putting its sony PlayStation store down for over a month
and all of its Sony play station users could not play online for several weeks.
Now that the playstation network store is online
its Sony store has more security to prevent cyber attacks.
The sale of its PS3 games have been on the rise despite the setbacks
of last year challenging Xbox live for subscribers
sonys business model will keep driving people
to buy playstation rather than Xbox 360
it is hard to beat free online gaming.

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