Monday, December 19, 2011

The Social Apsense confused with what is Adsense allows linked network with new people and put all your ideas into one site.

I been a member of the social Apsense for a week and i really like the community
as members see you like a neighbor and i liked that Apsense
gives you a bunch of free credits.for social networking to Promote your website.
It's like a social network business site like facebook for entrepreneurs.

Often people say what is Adesense? And is commonly confused
with the Google smart sense ads in blogs.

Also you get rewarded for clicking on other users.
So i created a campaign using this free tool and i just sat back and watched
the traffic pour in.  I could see the visitors live as i have a globe
that shows current traffic and my track globe lit up like a Christmas tree.
I received 4 sign-ups from promotions i had on my blog
that day it is not tremendous amount of sign-ups but considering it was all free to do
im really liking the potential to market all my ideas at the Apsense social site.

Also in the Apsense community you can make special pages called your talent page
whatever talent you have you can make a short description upload a picture
and people actually will look at  your talents similar to fiver dot com
though i think the Apsense site is more legit and after a couple days somebody bought
one of my talents of doing a twitter blast to my followers which is not really a talent
though it is something i provided along with a link on the top of this blog.

Another great thing about the Apsense community is i really like to write articles
there at Apsense they tend to get a lot or readers fast and my of these people
will like your article and you will receive many comments and you can
put some of your links to products and services and get some click through's
it is not uncommon to have your article read 400 times the first day.
Also below your article they have many share buttons with add this so
people could share your post to over 100 major websites and social sites.

Apsense also has campaigns that you can do you build up points by looking at articles
and liking other people work then you can apply these points to your own
business ideas, affiliates, products, services its a great way to get new sign ups
and network with like minded people.

What i really like about Apsense community is you can uniquely brand
yourself and make a business web page that looks really cool with the pre-designed
template's it doesn't cost you anything to make your business page and you can personalize
all your ideas into your personal biz site.

You can get what they call honor points as you move up in the apsesne community
you get these honor points by getting likes on your articles and by connecting with
new contacts and for people who are happy buying your talents
each day you will get a unique quest to complete for getting even more credits
usually it involves commenting on somebody else's page
or finding a talent you like or just answering a question.

I've been on apsense for 2 weeks and im glad i found this place i met many wonderful
like minded entrepreneurs from around the world and many of them will help you
without expecting anything in return.  They even have a a ask it forum where
you can ask whatever question you want and it will be answered quickly.

You can also use a widget code to display your most recent articles
and your revenue pages and people can click on it to see your business center
and to view the people that have seen you recently here is how mine looks.

Apsense also has a traffic exchange to promote yourself
throughout the social community.


  1. This is a great review of the APSense Business Social Network. Many of the features have been described, and it is really good to see that your efforts at APSense are being rewarded. I found this blog through the Augine Add-On, which is game that encourages traffic and news sharing.

  2. Thanks Neville i cant wait to see the new layout of Apsense
    From what i'm hearing it is really going to help us reach out even further...