Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The biggest mistake a blogspot blogger can do how to blog and keep it simple should be your blogging strategy

Having less is more! I seen many blogs on blogspot and nothing bothers me more when i come to a webpage that loads very slowly and surfing a cluttered blog. This hurts your blogs success in so many ways its essential you find ways to speed up your website. Look at it like this would you rather blog readers see the heart of your message or get discouraged and close the browser on your blog?

I think you know the answer to this question.  This might actually be hard for some blog owners to come to terms with as they come to like certain things on their blog and usually these add on's make a blog look great like pictures and videos.  Often i struggle with this reality check myself and realize i need to get rid of some cool blog tools to speed up the loading of my blog.

Here is a list of reasons why you should speed up your blog loading.

  • Most people don't have super computers and will leave your website if it loads too slow.
  • Slow loading blogs get punished in search engine rankings.
  • A faster loading web page will have a higher response rate.
  • All your blog postings will get more exposure.
  • Your Blog followers will grow and maybe share your posts.
Ways you can speed up your blog or website.
  • Cut down on the amount of pictures you have on the front page of your blog.  Not every blog post needs a video or picture as tempting as that might be.  If you must consider using Picasso web album as this will improve loading speed of your pics and videos.
  • Use flash banners sparingly.  Banners in general don't get many click through's can you believe a text ad is more effective than banners?
  • Don't use too many tools near the top of your webpage this will instantly slow down a page before they can see your 1st post.  Pick what you can live without and move some tools you like to the bottom of your website.
  • Check the sides of your blog as well it is better to have text then pictures or third party widgets.
  • Use page breaks this will shorten your posts if they open up main page and it will say "read more" to see rest of the post. You can choose where to put a page break typically you would put a page break after the first paragraph just be strategic to put page-break's after a really juicy intro.  Page breaks wont effect posts that are found through search engines or shared only for people that go to you main site so it will be easier for a person to scroll thorough your blog.
  • Get in the habit of using text links. You can make "links of text" in many different ways and this will not slow down the speed of your website.
  • If you are a picture holic consider using thumbnails and if people really wanna see a picture they can zoom on thumbnail to see it bigger.
  • Put pictures after a page break that way your main page will open super fast.
Older Blogs tend to need more spring cleaning than new ones as the accumulation information takes it's toll on the loading speed of your site.  Using some of these techniques i was able to get my blog to load on the average computer in 15 seconds.  The average load time of a blog is 30 seconds which i think is a bit too long to hope somebody will wait. Just remember the most important information is the words you type.

Did you know every month millions of people in the world ask Google What is a blog? The answer is where a person or groups of individuals share opinions and information. If your blogging the power is in your words.
Do you think it is any coincidence that Googles main page is about as bland and empty as a webpage can get? All of Googles energy and focus is the search bar! The emptiness pulls people to look at the search bar.  Looks at your blog like this and ask yourself what you want people to focus on the most.

You might have to make some tough decisions and soul searching on the goals of your blog.  Ask yourself
what is working what is not working? Did so and so widget produce much fruit?  Did that banner get many click throughs? Did those moving fish inspire anyone to like my blog?  I recently had to think about some of these ideas and deleted a classified ad section i had.  I liked the concept though the ad section took up lots of space and loading speed.  Your blog may feel naked and now exposed for all the world to see :)

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  1. I bounce my internet signal through a satellite so lag issues are a big things with me. If it won't load, I don't stick around. If mine load, I'm happy.