Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pros and Cons of Getting a New Dog, Owning a Dog and Working with Dogs.

Dogs are really blessings in disguises though they can be a lot of work! If you don't have energy to commit to maintaining a dog then you really need to choose wisely. I'm going to discuss the Cons first because i feel you really need to hear reasons why you should pick the right breed for you.. If you pick a breed that is too low energy and you are a person on the move it could be a bad fit and vice versa. If you don't have much energy for walking your dog maybe you should get a dog that is low energy or don't get a dog at all.

The Cons of Dog Ownership 

  • Dog poop it stinks! Lets face it if you don't take your dog for walks frequently and only let your dog roam your back yard then the back of your house will be a mine field of stinky crap and you will get unfortunate surprises that will be on the bottom of your shoe that can be tracked back into your house.
  • All dogs need exercise some more than others. If you choose a working dog then they will chew up your house and exhibit bad behavior. If you don't put in the time to training them challenging your dog and walking them regularly then your pet can be destructive.
  • Dogs can smell if you don't give them showers or baths often enough depending on the breed this can be once a week to once a month.
  • Dogs also need to eat. If you have a big dog then he will eat allot more and you will need more money to invest into dog food.   
  • Dogs can get sick like people. If you feed your dog the cheapest food they are more likely to get sick and vet bills can be expensive.
  • Dogs can bring bugs back into your house! Especially if your dog stays outside allot and this can bring unwanted pests inside the house like fleas, ticks, mites, and require you to give treatments to remove bugs from dog fortunately you found the right place i know how to remove these pests from your dog and your house without using harmful chemicals. free recipe click here
  • Dogs can fight with other dogs get a dog too big too handle and your dog may control you more than you control your dog and pull you when you go walking.
  • Having 2 same sex dogs can be a nightmare especially if you mix tough breeds.
  • Puppies yes they are cute though if you don't neuter your dog then you can have loads of untrained canines biting everything in site.
  • Dog Hair depending on the breed some will shed more than others be prepared to clean up dog hair sometimes even daily.
  • Barking can get annoying fast if you have cats or pick a dog that likes to bark prepare to lose some sleep or your patience.
  • Some communities don't allow you to own a dog and many places require you to pick up your dogs crap in public.
Ok i think i covered most of the negatives of owning a dog. If you have any more cons of owning a dog feel free to comment below and i will add to the list. Now it is time to talk about the reasons why you should get a dog.

The reasons why you should get a dog
  • Dogs are said to be mans best friend for a reason they give loyalty to owners and are always happy to see you which in turn can make you feel happy and wanted.
  • Dogs can cheer up people with funny behaviors and cause you to laugh it is said that dog owners live longer lives.
  • Dogs will encourage you to move around more giving you more exercise.
  • While walking your dog you will meet people you would have never met normally and is a great way for shy people to make friends.  I met neighbors that have lived in my neighborhood for over 20 years and we became friends because of our dogs.  
  • Protection get the right type of dog and you will feel more safe.  Even some of the smaller dogs have great senses and will warn you if something is wrong.  The bigger dogs you can train to protect you like dobermans, shepherds and chows.  The chow breed protected the ancient emperor's of China.
  • Learning from your dog like how they interact with people and other dogs can teach us about life and how smart some dogs can be can inspire us.
  • Your dog will never cheat on you. Your dog will always be glad to see you.  Your dog will never rip you off unless it is some food laying around. :P
  • Maintaining your dog will help you learn what it takes to take care of living things and could be a stepping stone to becoming a better person of humanity.
I have a German shepherd names Reina she is a piece of work.  And to be honest sometimes it is quite hard taking care of her as she has more energy and aggression than most dogs and i have to be careful when i take her for walks because she will lunge at joggers and bicyclists so if i want a peaceful walk i walk her at night.

Without my dog Reina I would have never met my eventual Fiancee and we would have never known each other to have a baby boy together. It is because of walking my dog and meeting great people everyday that i was fortunate to meet a wonderful girl and now we are both happy parents of one son. 

My Dog Reina is keeping me in shape! It would be much harder to take long walks and keep up with my goals of losing weight if i did not have reina motivating me to go for walks. Reina is a high energy dog and will keep me going where usually i would not have bothered to step outside.  Going outdoors is great for the mind
breathin in the fresh air taking in the views of calm scenery. I do my best brainstorming on these walks and puts me in a positive state of mind.

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