Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to train your dog to fetch and catch Frisbee without treat training

Treat training is OK though nowadays lots of the dog treats are crap!
What if you run out of treats? What if your dog is not hungry? You need to find a way to control your dog without a food bribe. IF you want to train your dog to fetch and your dog is an adult already no worries you can still get your dog to chase balls and return them to you without having to persuade with treats.  After just a few minutes i was able to build up ball drive using a flirt pole and even got a french bulldog to give a chase.

Here is how you make a flirt pole
it is very simple take a long stick..
Get some twine or skinny rope depending on how strong your dog is.
Find a cool toy of a animal or other toy this will build up interest and become the hunted possession toy.

Tie string to the end of a pole then tie string to the toy.
That was easy enough now you have a flirt pole!

Now start dangling the flirt pole in front of your dog! He might not respond right away to it start making the animal move on the ground in a life like way.  If dog is still not inspired rub some meat drippings on the toy this will most certainly get your dogs attention. OK now you have your dogs attention and now he is following the toy you can now go in circles with the toy and watch how your dog gives chase. This builds up prey drive and ball drive in your dog.

I am really happy with the kong product line and they kong Frisbee! Kong's can really hold up to the abuse a dogs mouth can put on it though i don't recommend a tug of war with your dog because it can last allot longer avoiding tug of war.

If you use a regular Frisbee you will probably have it shredded in a few days and the dog might get small pieces in his mouth and choke or swallow it. Dogs love the Kong Frisbee it is my dogs favorite toy by far. The softness yet toughness of the Frisbee is a great match for a tough dog.

What i think is cool is i can control my dog without any treat!
I can control her with just the Frisbee in my hand. Actually i can get her to walk on my left side off leash much better than on leash. You need to be careful if your dog gets a bond with a toy if you are not paying attention and have the Frisbee too low the dog may sneak up and bite the Frisbee catching your hand in the process.  It happened to me was quite painful! My dog did not intentional mean to bite me though she does not give up trying to get a toy. I usually carry the Frisbee above my shoulders when i know she is a Frisbee mood.

One trick to get your dog to come back to you without treats is to use 2 Frisbees.  Sometimes if you use just one Frisbee your dog will play keep away from you and you don't want to get in the habit of chasing your dog around it should be the opposite.  If she doesn't come back to you raise the second Frisbee high in the air and usually this can bring her back.  If that doesn't work toss the second Frisbee up in the air and play catch with yourself this strategy often will work.

When the dog lets you grab the Frisbee from their mouth reward them! Sometimes can be hard for dogs as they get protective over the Frisbee. You want to reward her with some affection say good girl pet her after she let you take it from her.  Try not to get in a Tug of war match as this will create a keep away game and she will think the game is to not give it to you.

Their is a science to Frisbee throwing to a dog you want to keep it high enough in the air so she can catch it. I am in amazement every time i can connect with my dog and she catches long Frisbee throws, it is usually because i can keep the Frisbee long enough in the air to give her a chance to snatch it out of the air.

If it is a hot day you can stand near a tree in the shade.  Use the sun as an advantage your dog will prefer staying in the shade and will more than likely return to you with the ball and Frisbee. You can reward her with water as well if it is a hot day.

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