Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tim Tebow Effect 316 faith in his lord and savior Jesus Christ Denver Qb Winning

Tim Tebow the Denver Quarterback known for his Christian faith and Giving glory to Jesus Christ first and foremost before any press conference or interview shocked the football world with his gritty play against the Pittsburgh Steelers. What was shocking about this win is the number of yards Tim Tebow threw for 316 yards this was his infamous # Tim Tebow wore under his eyes in Gator land.  This might have been the most yards Tim has thrown all year as many times Tebow was ridiculed for not putting up big numbers and then just finding a way to win in the forth quarter.

Tim Tebow middle name should be Clutch as The Denver Broncos won in
overtime on one play to be the quickest overtime in NFL History.  With
a touchdown pass form Tim Tebow to solidify his 316 yards passing in the game.
Tim Tebows threat to run the ball had Pittsburgh over commit to stop the run
which opened up some things in the passing game.

Most of the football world thinks Tim Tebows miraculous winning will come
to an end vs the New England Patriots with Brady and Co.  Ironically
new England is looked at as the Dark Side with the cheating allegations
and the hooded coach of Bill Bilicheck.  new England puts a lot of points
up and expecting a Tim Tebow offense to get over 30 points will need
some help from above..

I watched a documentary on Tim Tebow this guy is not a guy full of pride
He is a great team player and very hard worker.  This guy also gives
inspiration to those around him and he is the type of person that you
would run through a wall for. I see why the Denver team is rallying behind him.
Sometimes i wonder what John Elway is thinking? Elway was a different type
of quarterback with more accuracy obviously and i think sometimes Elway
wondered if Tim is really the answer?  I think the left handed throwing Tebow
has not hit his ceiling that's for sure.

Tim Tebows throwing motion has improved! This was one of the reasons
Tims stock was dropping leading up to the draft..Tebow is one of the
toughest Quarterback runners you will ever see no sliding from tebow
he will try to run through you.  A great option Qb.. I think Tebow will
be able to pt some points up on the soft new England defense but
Denver will have to play like world beaters on defense to slow down Brady.

Did you know Tebow is a virgin saving himself for marriage? Lot of people
laugh and say no way.  though let me tell you this maybe one reason
why Tebow is doing better than expected as all that saved up energy
he is saving to explode on the field.  Tebow can also squat over 800 pounds.
Tebow would rather talk about hanging out with people that are less fortunate.
And frequently mentions what an honor and privileged it is to put a smile on
a kids face just because he plays a game..

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