Thursday, January 12, 2012

Play a game that boosts your website traffic real estate game fun and powerful website promoter

I discovered a new game today in the Apsense community I saw several of my contacts playing this game everyday. I could see my friends website links in these boxes on random websites when i would do some blog walking.  So i was wondering what this was? And I realized this is a marketing tool packed into a game!

I find this web estate game to be pretty fun and strategic the first step is to become a member of Apsense to play the game. Don't worry it is completely free to use.  The second step is to create your land and to choose a location to put your website this land will become operational once you have generated enough hits from your site.

The 3rd step is to put the widget code on your site.You are then awarded money and this money builds faster as you log onto the game and you vote on comments from other land owners (like or skip) clicking on these will speed up your website income up to 10 clicks max in a 10 minute period. If people like your link you get more points so posting cool links will be more effective than just putting all your affiliate links in though you sure can put all your business links with your message that will be shared on multiple web owner sites.

You can then start buying different websites so you can put your links on them. I have been doing this for about a day and bought 3 websites 2 of them have excellent traffic this is more than just a game this will promote whatever you want and get your website lots of exposure the objective of the game is to own as many properties "websites" as possible.  It is Strategic because you do homework on the sites you want to buy some of them are cheap and have good traffic people will buy them and you get profit from sale.  By the way i'm not talking about real money here this is just a game but then again it is more than just a game :)

How this game Works

Apsense Cyber Real Estate is a game 
of trading owning and renting land. 
Each land owner can post any kind of message 
and links that they want.
Your content will be carried through-out 
all participating website game owner lands.

This is a  new and unique way of getting your message to hundreds of sites,  
this is fun  and will challenge you. The objective of the game 
is to purchase lands so your content will be noticed 
by way more people and all by just playing a cyber real estate game.

New land owners begin at 50 bucks 
and your land value starts at 20 bucks  
Land owners can also rent out land to earn extra money per day.  
You can own 100 websites in no time and have your messages 
broadcasted to all of them in under a month 
get the party started now
Once you have signed up look for a game called 
"Augine Cyber Real Estate" on the left side.   
Look forward to seeing you there...


  1. This sounds like a really good resource and fun.

  2. I just followed your blog on Networked blogs. But to give an idea of the power of Augine, You came to my attention when you bought my fishing community.

    Not actually bought it but bought the widget space. It;s kind of like an online 'billboard'.

  3. Augine game is excellent just checked my traffic stats
    and Augine brought 33 people here yesterday
    google only brought 8 :P