Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Save lots of money on your local advertising budget comparing printing companies.

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Hey everyone I thought you should know where I found the cheapest business cards. The difference in prices is shocking! 1st I went to office depot and waited in line for a few minutes finally an unenthusiastic associate who seemed not interested in helping me told me they not sure of the prices after i asked for a quote on pricing.  I was able to pull up the list and I was shocked just for 250 basic cards was $32.99 no wonder she didn't want to help me these prices are ridiculous!  For 5000 cards is $199.80 this is highway robbery i found even better quality cards front and back! With calender on back 5000 cards promoting my website for only $54.99.  Good thing i went with these guys i saved over 400 %.

Also what i found pretty cool is they will take your Biz card and can convert your card
into customized marketing tools.
  • Pens 
  • Mugs 
  • Shirts
  • Hats 
  • Return address labels
  • Stickers
  • Letter heads
  • Magnetic car signs
  • Window signs
  • Banners
I Choose the return address labels though instead of an address i put my website
and a slogan to promote locally.  I also ordered 1 hat and t-shirt and customized them.

They offered a great deal on extra cards when you complete order
and give you ten minutes to accept. I could not pass up 2500 extra cards for 18.99!
With no extra shipping cost!

I was able to find the right template for my biz cards
as i did want my business cards to look like money.
I was researching a similar site
the prices were expensive for 5000 was $375 compared with what i paid $54.99

If you would like to try a sample of these business cards
click here they have a special right now
250 business cards with free shipping for 10 bucks I don't think anyone can beat this.
Customized shirts were going for around $7 dollars a piece
  • Hats were going for around $11 dollars
  • Your personalized stamper $9.75 
  • Customized pens $3.50 
  • Car door magnets $7.50 
  • 140 return address labels $5.99
  • Photo mugs $10.49
  • Customized Tote bag $10.49 
  • They also had refrigerator calendars with your business 
See for yourself

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