Friday, November 18, 2011

Add post Resume Classified ad section and get your job! Webmasters bloggers get your own classified ad widget

It's been a tough year for job hunters and seekers
if your looking for a job you need every advantage you can get
to effectively market yourself in today's economy. 

Looking for a job can be time consuming and a job in itself. 
Getting that interview is a big step forward
and getting to that point takes much work indeed.
You are welcome to post your resume in our free classified ad section.
Many jobs are available to browse through. 

It also maybe a good idea to start up your own blog
with your own unique classified ad section.
The reason i say this is it is a great way to document your ideas and thoughts,
and it can become a cool hobby that can bring in dollars in the future. 

I recommend a google blog from
Google tends to give you high search results when you use their blog.
Also its a great way to touch up on your web design skills
and potential employers may want to know what productive things
you been doing with your time.

Also you can become financial independent just by being a blog owner
if you like to write and become familiar with the various areas to submit your articles

If you really try to help people then those people will likely want
to keep coming back to your blog.  That's why i suggested
you get your own unique widget code to add to your blog or website.
the cool thing about the one i linked for you is your classified ad site
would be shared on many other blogs and websites some 34,000
so you would have rich content to share with your traffic and
will give them ore reason to post ads there and keep coming back.

Learn how to use keywords in your tags and titles then working at home and earning a
decent income can become very real.  This is not something that happens overnight its
a work in progress.  Obviously the more topics you can think of and finish
usually in the 300 plus word range the better your blog is going to be.

Take embedded videos from YouTube and put them above your article
this also helps in search results and makes your blog more interesting.
Also making your own videos on maybe one of the most
efficient ways to market oneself.  youtube was listed in the top 5
of most visited website in the world and its quite common to go viral on YouTube.

The google blog is a really good place to add your banners
and you can pick and choose which ones you want to advertise on your blog
You can find many good products with banners you can use here.

I like to share in the revenues with these guys because the commissions are in the
40- to 50 % range and they have awesome customer service support
and they ship worldwide. The products are amazing and the wide product range
and banners will really give you what you are looking for when you get hits on your blog.
Click here to find out more about it.

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