Sunday, November 20, 2011

Miami dolphins news New york buffalo bills blown out of the 1st half dolphin new winning streak Matt Moore outplays Fitzpatrick

The Dolphins are coasting vs the buffalo bills up 28- 6 at the half. 
Buffalo bills have been caught off guard
by the new found optimism of the Miami dolphins. 
It just seemed like the ball is bouncing the dolphins way. 

Two of Ryan Fitzpatrick passes were intercepted
off bobbled balls from bills receivers.
In contrast Matt Moore the dolphin's second string quarterback
has been having an all star day
with 3 touchdown passes in the first half
touchdown strikes to Devon Bess , Anthony Fasano
and dolphin late round pick Charles Clay.

The Buffalo Bills have suffered several injuries in the first half
some of them severe with the cart ride being called in
and the players leg  wrapped with an air cast. 
The bills were able to put 3 points on the board right before halftime
with a long 56 yard field goal.  Miami defense has been exceptional
being in the right place at the right time. 
The dolphins have been uncharacteristic opportunists
forcing the bills into many punts.

The dolphins fans might finally get to see a winning streak at sun life stadium
something that hasn't happened in quite a while.  The dolphins get a punt block
and recover the ball in the endzone for a touchdown to go up 35- 6
Chris Clemons deflected the punt and Lex Hillard fell on the ball in the end zone. 

This will officially end all the suck for luck talk of the dolphins
as now they will be 3 - 7 and the colts 0- 10
it would seem almost imposable for the colts to lose
in the suck for luck sweepstakes. 

It is kind of a shame that the dolphins are peaking now in the season
 this is the time of year you want to see your team
playing well and making a run for the playoffs. 

The bills started off the year like gang busters
and even lead the AFC east for a time
and now the bills have been in free fall mode losing 3 of the past 4
now 4 of the past five games.
Buffalo has to go into the medowlands to face an angry jets team. 

Players on the dolphins defensive line have been coming into their own
players like Penn state draft pick Jared odrick
who does his signature pee wee Herman dance.
Jason Taylor also strips Fitzpatrick
to prevent a driving buffalo drive as buffalo gives it up on downs.

The dolphins with a brilliant goal line stand at the 1 yard line
prevent CJ Spiller from running it in with a big hit by Vontae Davis
the bills go for it on 4th down trying to spread out the dolphins with a pass
and it goes incomplete as the dolphins take over on downs. 
The bills cause a safety the next play
as Daniel Thomas cannot  run it out of the endzone. 

Though the dolphins preserve a streak
of 12 straight quarters of preventing any touchdowns. 
Cj Spiller comes up hobbling looks like an injured knee
though fights through the pain and has returned into the game.

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