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The walking dead on AMC has captured its TV viewers attention
beyond imagination! I'm giving The Waliking Dead season 2 show a thumbs up review!
The 1 hour once a week slot on Sunday night on AMC
is a must watch show that gets tivo in this house.
This second season is even better than the 1st.
The characters true nature starts appearing in the second season
As they are dealing with the every day struggle of living in a walker world.

Daryl who some thought was a no good redneck
has climbed the spotlight of favorite character in my book
his weapon of choice bow and stealthy arrow.
Daryl is a real leader and team player of the group and spend his time
looking for a lost little girl to make one of the survivors moms happy
its been over 6 days since she has been missing that's 6 episodes
and it doesn't look like they will find her alive.

Daryl is so thorough in his quest that he even opens up zombie carcasses
to do a body check to see whats inside the zombie stomach.
In the next show Daryl takes a horse to go look for the girl little did he know
the horses name was "Nervous Nelly" she bucked Daryl off the horse after getting
startled from a snake.  Daryl fell off the horse and into a ravine it was a bad fall and
the worst part is Daryl fell on his own arrow. 

Daryl looks done for and now I'm getting pretty pissed
because here is my favorite character about to become zombie food.
Then the plot thickens and Daryl is having visions of his lost brother Merl.
Merl is sort of motivating him Daryl to get up and move on
but Merl at the same time making fun of Daryl.  In Daryl's day dream he
is being kicked by Merl and wakes up to a zombie chewing on his boot. 
Daryl with a frantic rage takes out the zombie
and slowly in pain moves on with the arrow still in his gut.

Daryl looks like he has gone crazy
as he slices of Ears of the undead and makes a necklace out of them
this brought back the movie "Apocalypse now" the Vietnam war story. 
Daryl has almost made it back to Hershel's farm and looks so gone!
That Daryl looks like a zombie himself and of the girls
mistake Daryl for a walker and shoots him!  Well luckily for Daryl she just grazed him!
Daryl gets patched up by Hershel and gets a visit
from the mother of the girl he went looking for She tells him that he
has done more for her daughter then her father ever has. 
Daryl actually found a major clue that her girl is still alive after finding her dolly bear. 

Tensions are high on Hershel's farm as the old man
is beginning to think his survivor guests should be ready to move on
from his farm and go with the original plan of heading to a military base.  
Herchell is a godly man who thinks yo shouldn't kill a walker
if you don't have to!  His wife and stepson have become walkers
and he keeps them in his barn locked away. Some of the survivors saw this
and cant believe he would keep them alive and he insists for them not to tell the others.
Hershel also doesn't like that his 22 year old daughter is getting close to the Asian boy
and the daughter like most kids will do the opposite of what their parents tell them. 
She passes notes to him underneath the table.  as they meet together in the barn
to find the grim discovery of a zombie filled shed. 

It was a quiet guest dinner not much speaking at the table
the Asian asks if anyone could play guitar and the old man said
Otis was was good guitar player this brought up an awkward moment
and it brings back the question and cold heart of why Otis was killed?

I understand hurting Otis would distract the zombies
so you can get away though it seemed unnecessory and this showed the dark heart
of the guy involved. killing survivors to guarantee your own survival. 
Was it because Otis accidentally shot the boy?
Maybe though Otis was doing everything he could to make up for it
including risking his life to find the boy the proper medical equipment to keep the boy alive.

I'm really thinking tonight's episode is really going to explode You got the girl
who is pregnant and she is not sure who's baby it is.  You got zombies in the barn
and you just know that the survivors are not going to be sharing space with zombies.
You got Hershel who has had it with these guests he has
who have over exteneded his welcome.

I give it 9 out of 10 stars only because i think it could use a tad mroe action
though the plot is good and makes up for that. 

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