Sunday, November 6, 2011

Getting organized on the cheap for a tighty bathroom and bedroom..

Lets face it sometimes life gets complicated..
When your personal space gets cluttered this
can have an effect how you feel and how productive you can be.
Ways to overcome this scenario?
Is to initially put the item or idea in the right place the 1st time!
So we can locate our thoughts and items with ease
and find whatever we need when the time comes to use them. 

Nothing like a clean and clear work space
or room or closet clutter free is defiantly the way to be.
Did you know you can use some organizers
to go against the grain and help you outside the box?
Take for example this 24 pocket shoe organizer
it is being used in a bathroom setting
You can have a bathroom counter free of clutter
by putting your lotions, shampoos, shaving cream,
toothbrushes and razors and medications
all tucked away in clear see through pockets
to top that off you can put a towel hook in the middle
and cover it all up with a towel if you like..

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  • Do you have lots of shoes?
  • Are you looking for a way to get your bathroom more organized?
  • This 24 pocket shoe organizer also works great for a tighty bathroom.
  • You can even hang a towel over it in the bathroom and keep shampoos soaps cleaning products razors toothbrushes ect. to give you more bathroom counter space.
  • 24 pockets will hold 12 pairs of shoes.
  • Dimensions are 19 in width x 64 height.
  • Tear-resistant material.
  • Wipe clean with cold water and sponge.
  • I use one for every room and all bathrooms.
  • This is a brand new never used.

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