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Looking at the preview of the DeaD Island in the commercial
i was intrigued as one who wonders how a real zombies apocalypse would go down?
Dead island really makes this game realistic in many ways. 
You start out in a shack with several other survivors
who are scared senseless some of them are scared to move
other survivors wanna make a break for it.  It is close to the beach when you
go out the door it looks like paradise minus the hungry flesh eating zombies. 

You start out with a a boat ore as your melee weapon
as you use your weapons they tend to wear down
so you need to go to a workbench and spend some
of your cash to upgrade and repair your weapons
as you gain in experience you gain more slots to carry more weapons. 

One cheat is to hold down y press the right bumber than throw
this is called copying so then you just made a duplicate weapon
this will save you lots of money in the game.

The game is task related as various survivors will ask you to do certain things
for them in exchange for unique weapons experience and cash. 
Some seem mundane other really make the game play come to life. 
Most of the fighting is melee attacks especially when you begin the game.

As you move more into the islands interior in the jungle region
that's when you come across lots of guns you can pick up
also in Morsby in the police station you can find guns
just remember not to go wild with the bullets ammo
is limited just like how it would be in a real Apocalypse
bullets is the first thing people take so you have to get handy with what is left over.

The cool thing is many swords ad baseball bats can be upgraded. 
You can make a toxic sword or better yet a shock sword
that electrocutes the zombies by adding a batter pack and wire to make the charge.
guns are also upgradable and you can make shock bullets, toxic bullets. A simple
upgrade is finding nails and making a nailed bat. 

Dead Island is at its best when you play with other people
some people may drop out the cool thing is unlike black ops zombies
in dead island if somebody leaves a new person can join at anytime. 
Your survivor friends can revive you if you fall down.

Also you save your xp and levels and weapons
so you can start where you finished off from the day before. 

The characters of the zombie horde are really interesting indeed. 
Just starting off with the basic dead walker they could be male or female
the females maybe wearing a bikini.  Which adds a funny way to look at the undead. 

You will know they are not human anymore by the way they walk
some of them can run at you they are called runners :P 
with runners i like to time a well placed kick this well buy you more time
to do an accurate mellee strike once you have upgraded your
stomp you can do the Bruce lee finishing move where you jump up
in the air and land on the head for a debilitating blow of epic proportions.

Then you got your thug class zombies they are generally slow
but pack a mean punch it takes more to bring them down
and if the thugs hit you they will knock you on the ground. 

Then you have your suicide zombie they are an aberration of puffy goo
ready to explode themselves when they time you close to them.
You know the suicide zombies are close as they will say "help me"
and you can hear the ticking bodies about to detonate. 
You take out a suicide zombie with one bullet shot
this is the only time i use handgun in morsby
unless I'm fighting unreasonable survivors that took over the police station. 

The next zombie which are as mean as they come i call them "straight jacket zombies"
these guys are huge and well they are in straight jackets makes you wonder
what they would do if they had free hands to grab you.  These monsters come
charging at you and you kinda got to act like a bullfighter with them dodging as they run at you.

The next zombie that you will find in the sewers is called a bloater
if you are a fan of the walking dead remember at Herchals farm
in one of his water wells a fat zombie was trapped in the bottom that's what
these puking zombies look like you don't want the puke to get on you
because it melts of your skin and well lets just say it will take more than
a shower to get the smell off.  My method to kill them is to keep encircling them
with melee strikes.

You have merchants spread out through the game these are various people
who happen to have lots of items for sale and these guys also Will buy whatever you have
In the jungle you can find a tribesman he will buy oleander off you and give you lots
of experience you can find a merchant that sells the oleander and go to him to rank
up really fast.

My favorite character to use in the game is the Asian girl she has speed bonus
and does well with sharp weapons then the rapper does well with blunt weapons
Then you have the football player he good at throwing weapons then you have
the other black girl who specializes in ballistics.

Overall this game is a definite thumbs up as i played many zombie games
and this feels more real than any of the other zombie games it also plays
out like a movie as you finish quests and the game has the capacity to scare you
at times so a real fear factor exists to add to the suspense i have beat the game 3 times
and the cool thing is you can start over again with your weapons and xp though
the zombies at a higher level are more beast as well. 

One trick is to let the mechanics daughter hold lots of your weapons
she can hold an unlimited supply and you can always go back to her to
access more of your inventory. 

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  1. I was actually very impressed with the Dead Island trailer so much and cannot wait for the game to be released. The graphics of the game itself look very great. I am going to put this at the top of my Blockbuster queue list as soon as possible. As a DISH customer/employee, there is only so much you can watch on TV, so Blockbuster Movie Pass helps to change things up. With Blockbuster Movie Pass, I now can rent games and movies through the mail and get access to online content and new channels through DISH.