Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wheatgrass good for a healthy lifestyle and losing weight and looking young

  • A few years back when i started juicing wheatgrass i was amazed at the burst of energy it provided.
  • I would take the juice remaining in my juicer and add it to my bath water. 
  •  I received many compliments about what it did for my skin
  •  Making my skin glow as the life enzymes and nutrients gave life and nourishment to barries of skin. 
  • I later found out that wheatgrass also helped the body in oxygen production.
  •  In chinese medicine they talk about how cancer has a hard time growing in a oxygen rich body. 
  • Through trial and error i found some great tasting recipes to mix with wheatgrass.
  • I can supply you with 1 pound of wheatberries, instructions to grow your wheatgrass and the tasty recipes for only 5 dollars + shipping.
All my current auctions including the wheatgrass auction
can be found at this link

This link above is an auction for the wheatgrass.
You dont have to buy the wheatgrass through the auction.
I accept paypal at send me an email so we can calculate actual shipping cost.
usually in the 5 dollar range if you want more pounds i will give you extra 20 % discount off the second or third pound..

This wheatgrass kit contains more than just seeds..
  • 1 pound of organic wheatberries.
  • Growing instructions.
  • Tasty recipes!
  • Harvesting techniques to get the most out of your grass..
  • Wheatgrass is great for losing weight and adding nutrients to ones diet.
  • Wheatgrass is a superfood and adds more oxygen to the body.
  • If you are not familiar with taking wheatgrass your going to want to know what to mix it with so you can enjoy the benefits of wheatgrass.
  •  I will share with you my tasty recipes to maximize the enjoyment of wheatgrass.

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