Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Flu Season is back Boost Immunity Tips avoid catch a cold Remedy winter Bird Virus Bacteria infection 10 things you can do to protect yourself stop sneezing congestion

Bird flu and h1n1 scared the daylights out of many people.
Boost your immunity to avoid catching flu around sick people.
This week i been exposed to sick friends with the cold
my baby came down with the virus and my wife is sneezing.
Yet somehow i been immune to catching the cold.
In the winter time is when the flu strains are more active
and when your immunity needs to be sick proof.

Tyonel cold and flu will not make the flu go away
might help with some of the symptoms and bring a fever down
though not the silver bullet to get rid of the cold below are
some prevention tips and things yo can do while you have the flu.

Lets start off with the top 10 things you can do

# 1 Stay home if you are sick
even if it means missing work!
I'm sure your boss doesn't want to get sick
or his customers and other employees get sick either.

#2 If your going to go to public places
some simple practices can protect you from picking up the virus.
Like using a tissue when you open up a door
so your hand is not exposed to a dirty handle.
When you wash hands never turn off faucet
with direct contact use a piece of paper
to turn off water and to open up bathroom door.
If You see someone coughing or sneezing walk away.

#3 Eat chicken soup preferably a home made chicken soup
That is prepared with the bones inside the soup is known
to build up your immune system with fresh cut vegetables.
Celery, onions, chilies, sweet potato, malanga, onions, garlic
add thyme, cumin, ginger a little sea salt,
half a lemon with peel, tomato.

Simmer on low and you will have a fantastic soup
in a few hours best cooked on a low heat
as you give the chicken bones more time
to release beneficial properties into the soup.

#4 Eat honey instead of sugar
not only is this more healthy for your
over all well being and reducing weight.
Honey acts as a natural antibiotic
not all honeys taste the same i recommend for you
to buy honeys that are local to your area as
these honeys will contain the local flora and fauna
of your area and will help you with allergies and are
more effective in boosting your immune system. The closer
the bee hives are to your house the better.

#5 Prepare homemade lemonade or limeade. Freshly
squeezed lemon and lime juice mixed with local honey
not only taste great and is a great refreshment the
high content of the vitamin C in the lemons and limes
and the citric acid help dry up the mucus and clear up the lungs.

#6 Invest in a good immune booster to keep your immune defense
in top shape this one works well

#7 Eat Shitake mushrooms and Mitaki mushrooms they cost a few dollars
more than your standerd mushroom however in this case you get what you pay for.
The shitaki mushrooms act as an all around immune booster
and even in some studies has shown to be a cancer figther.

#8 Drink hot green tea or black tea add ginger powder and lime and honey
for a quick quaddrouple punch. The ginger where relieve any pain
and help dry the mucus the greet tea also helps boost immunity
the honey will help make the tea easier to drink and soften your sore throat
while increasing immmune support. You can also add a few cloves
to the tea a powerful anti oxident and natural pain releiver.

#9 Get an air purifier some come with ultraviolet light
that will kill virus on contact you can even get one of these lights
installed inside your air conditioning unit.
Typically they can be loud on the highest setting
so when you leave the room door closed you can turn it on full blast.

#10 Get a vaporizer this will help sooth sore throats and allow
easier breathing you can mix oils to your vaporizer to add
a pleasent smell to the air oils like pepermint smell great
is refreshing and helps with breathing and concentration.


  1. Thanks fr the tips to avoid sickness during this cold and flu season. Honey seems like it can be really useful.

  2. Honey is excellent i read the label carefully where it is produced ideally best is honey made in your city. Where i live in Miami i can find some really good honey made from bees that get pollen from saw palmetto flowers and oranges.

    Bee Pollen is also great too though not as fun to eat..
    I made the switch this new year instead of using sugar in my coffee i use honey and now i don't notice a difference in taste.

    I Also recently had a cold for about half a day was very mild had sniffle for a few hours and next day woke up was gone.. I believe this to be a strong immune system