Sunday, November 20, 2011

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The leader of China Hu Jintao and the United States president Barack Obama met
today with alot of things to discuss.  Just glancing at both leaders sitting together
you would not have known the deep seeded tension between the 2 countries
with the growing nationalism in china with regards to supplying military weapons to
run  away state Taiwan and meeting with the Dali Lama from Tibet. 
Also the U.S. military testing out a new supersonic weapon
in the pacific raised eyebrows in Asia. 

Naturally China's response was from a position of strength. 
Your not going to bully the Chinese with threats
In response to the U.S. military test China showed unwavering support
to long time U.S.  Enemy North Korea. 
Now What is interesting about all of this is the leaders of these 2 super powers
aren't exactly as hardline as the political backbones of both countries.

China has to look tough and so does Obama for reelection purposes. 
 In reality these 2 leaders do not want any type of new wars  \
and they both have lots of social issues to deal with
both economies are interlinked with one another. 
 Many Chinese businesses depend on the shopping mentality of the American people.   
This is why China let America borrow in the first place
even though it has become quite a burden
and the risk of default could happen
if the American economy continues to take a nosedive. 
Job growth is an illusion of temporary for the holidays lets see where we are at in January.

Knowing what we seen from Obama some of
China's initiatives he would like to apply here
for example the high speed rail that interconnects all of china
was a very ambitious move
Obama has tried to pull this off in some regions of the united states
though the political backbone of the republicans
pushed back these green initiatives
 with reasons of taxing the public more and wasting tax payer dollars.

At the summit barack obama wanted United states business protection
over using intelectual proprty rights of U.S. businesses
Also Talk of China playing on an even playing field in regards
to an artificily defleted yen lowering the price of chinese goods into U.S. markets.

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