Saturday, November 26, 2011

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Have a website or Blog? Looking to add and meet new people?
Google friend connect is a great resource for meeting new friends.
Share your business and interact with new people. Promote your blog

I think everyone who owns a blog or website should put the Google friend connect
on the very top of their site so anyone can follow your blog with ease.
The great thing about having Google friend connect is every time you do a new post
with Google friend connect all the people that joined you
will automatically get your post to their email sort of like an automatic RSS feed.

If you already have a a Google Friend connect?
Then scroll down to #4.

#1 Part of this post is for people that don't have a google account you will need this
to use Google friend connect open a Google account
they will ask for your email address then once you filled out the brief information
and then click on the confirmation email and you are 1 step closer
to using Google friend Connect.

#2 Many people like the Word-Press theme websites they look really nice
however blogspot is a free blogging service hosted by Google
and the advantage of using blogspot is your articles when submitted
seem to get higher rankings on the Google search engine.
Also you can pretty much design your blog however you want with
Once you have opened up a blogspot choose a good blog name don't feel upset
if the name you choose is taken sometimes long website names
can actually work out better in search rankings.

#3 When you are designing your blog just click on design
Then click on Add new gadget Scroll down till you see
Displays a list of users who follow your blog By Blogger 
Now you are ready for people to join your blog with google friend connect.  
Ok that was the easy part now comes the harder part 
actually getting people to join your blog.

#4  The power is in your fingertips the more interesting articles you can write
the more your words will travel through the search engines
and you pick up random traffic. Keep in mind you want at least 300 words or more
also you can try submitting your article to article submission websites
though you don't want to over do that or search engines will penalize your article
for submitting to much of the same article.  

#5 You might be saying "im not a writer!" well nether am I!
I didn't master in journalism! Im sure you can tell im not the brightest bulb on the tree.
Though persistency pays off! Many successful bloggers are doing quite well
just by keeping up with current events. If you click on "google news"
you can see all the hot topics right there read about it...

Give your opinion think of a good title for your article and your 1st paragraph
are really important when the search engine determines your search ranking.
I try to fit as many keywords into my title as possible
and try to make your article title sound like a headline.

Also using labels is important these get tracked by search engines as well.
Try to think if i was so and so what would they type on a search engine
don't be afraid to use misspellings and a combination of words
often these will get overlooked by your competitors.

#6 Ok i wrote my article now what?  
That is great now you got an article you can share with the world 
Does your article have a picture? Or Video? No worries go to
Find a video relevant to your topic click on share now click on embedded.
Copy the html code and then paste it above your article.  This helps for 2 reasons
one it makes your article more interactive and lets face it some people are lazy
and prefer watching TV or just like to see a cool picture. Second you will also 
get a higher search result for having interactive content.

#7 Cool your article is ready to spread the news.  Now it is time to share 
your article across the Internet universe.  I really like
Stumbleupon has over twenty million members and every time i share my post 
their i get instant traffic not even 5 minutes will go by and you will see 10 people 
on your blog it is really just that simple.

#8 Log into facebook type "follow me on blogger"
this is a big group of fellow bloggers you can interact with
many of them will be willing to follow your blog and you can post
links to your latest articles on this site to drive more traffic to your blog. 

#9 Open a free apsense account Click here for free apsense account
this free tool will allow you to network all your different opportunities in one website
It is astonishing how many ways you can promote your business and to brand yourself.

You can make a business center,  business profile
and you can start blogs and RevPages.
A Revenue page is a page you can earn revenue from;
you can advertise a specific service or program.

You can also put your own ads on many pages for free.
The way the system is put together people are rewarded
for clicking yes on the like button and share buttons
on your pages so you get free exposure really easy.

#10 Post free classified ads get Your own free classified ad site ---here
once you sign up they give you a html code you can add to your blog or website
So you can have your own unique classified ad site set how you want it.

It is shared on over 30 thousand websites
so people that go to your blog wont see an empty
classified ad site your site will become bookmark worthy.

I've posted ads here with great success just one ad in a 10 day period
was seen 1350 times and didn't pay a dime for that exposure.
Also when somebody upgrades an ad you get commission on it.

#11 If your Blog is looking a little empty
and you would like to add some income generators
check this out Top selling products! The best banners! 
Up to 50% commissions!
Add to your blog nowHighest converting products 

They give you a diverse range of alternative health products to offer your viewers.
From regrowing hair to weight loss and intimate.
This company will ship to most countries
on average you would make $25- $50 dollars per sale without doing anything.

#12 Use the Google groups look for your niche
they have so many different groups you can join
and you can join most of them instantly or evens start your own Google group.
When you post to these groups your message would be sent to their email address.

Some groups have around 5000 members so
 if you post to 10 groups per day you can see where this math is going.
Google does set a limit to how many groups you can join each day
around 10 so find the best ones that will allow you to leave links.

That is all i have for now though i do like to ebay as well it is a fun hobby!
You can see what i have for auction here


  1. Hi Mr.TurnRich,
    Nice tutorial. I already have Google Friend connect on my blog. This may be helpful to others too!
    Thank you.

  2. Hi TurnRich, Here is the link you asked for. But if you go to and join, for Free, you can have fun with the penny auctions too.You can click on any of the website titles in my blog and it takes you to the links. I really enjoyed your blog, I will be returning often to make sure my blog has all the great ideas working you have given me. Thanks so much.