Thursday, November 24, 2011

US can thank Egypt For inspiring the occupy protests in the United States protesters pepper spray UC Davis California

Months ago when Egyptians from all walks off life stood up to Mubarak
and said it is time to go many people around the Arab world didn't think it 
was possible didn't think that people standing together
could remove a regime that has been in power for generations.
Well with the sacrifice of these brave men and women 
we have seen country after country from Tunisia to khadafi
all across the Arab world the people are wanting change.
More rights less dictatorship more voice in government more essential human 
services cleaner drinking water, better education and a cleaner place to live. 

Now the occupy protests have learned form Tunisia and Egypt
I never thought i would see defenseless protesters who are doing nothing but sitting 
down being sprayed point blank with mace like they are some insects 
inside a learning institution in California unbelievable this has happened this
should be a wake up call that we cannot ever give up are right to speak freely
now more than ever voices must be heard the oppressors need a wake up call
we need real leaders that work for the human good not just for making a bankroll.

The Egyptian Mubarak was so full of himself he had suits made with the design of his 
name all over the suit it was ludicrous to say the least. The sad thing is behind closed
doors other Arab leaders were scared that Mubarak would fail because then they 
fear maybe they would be next well at least Mubarak left alive unlike
Qaddafi who was killed as a martyr not really i don't think khadafi 
will be remembered in such a glorious way as he was more of a secularist and
seemed to only like Islam when the cameras were on
and that was only late in his dictatorship. The United States
should get some credit here Qaddafi had to go.  And now more 
people will have the freedom to practice Islam who would have thought that?

The occupy Protesters for the most part are protesting because the see the 
greed beyond imagination of the major banks how they got bailouts and 
then raising prices and interest rates and not letting people borrow more money.
these protesters see they are paying more taxes and money to these business and
getting much less in return.  Unemployment continues to climb
people are losing their houses left and right.

Where i live in Miami the housing market is in shambles
the super rich are buying these houses cash
at 40 % off and these houses continue to be vacant
then the family that got kicked out are either sleeping on the street
or paying some ridiculous high rent in a 1 room studio.
Miami beach had a small homeless community 5 years ago
now the beach is packed with the homeless it is real scary
these people are not all bums they are real people that had dreams and family
and thanks to Fannie and Freddie or some ponzi schemer some of them lost a house.

The occupy protest is more than just the have nots verse the haves
The occupy wallstreet is about not getting gouged and overcharged for
things that people use everyday.  Take for example bank of America
deciding to starting next year charge its members a flat fee for each
transaction done on thier debit card.  In some cases up to 5 dollars.
So you dont have any cash go buy a cup of coffee for 99 cents then
bank of america wacks you with a 5 buck charge so your 1 dollar coffee
just turned into 6 bucks.  bank of america should be ashamed of themselves.
how anyone could continue to bank with bank of america is beyond me.

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