Saturday, November 19, 2011

USC vs Oregon college football Matt Barkley throws touchdown Dwayne wade Chris bosh Lebron James Chriss Paul play football

The Oregon home crowd had some unusual guests show up from the Miami Heat
The big 3 showed up with friend Chriss Paul.  You could see Lebron James
Tossing around the football looking like he could be a tightend if nothing else
its on his mind that the basketball season still is in doubt and the idea of the big 3
showing up at a football game makes you wonder if basketball players would
flirt with the idea of playing football.  Lebron would be a stud tight end Chris Paul
could be a wide receiver or defensive back. Or perhaps they just like football.

This is a huge game for Oregon
as many other teams have fallen like Oklahoma State yesterday to Iowa state.
 Oregon slayed the mighty Stanford and Andrew Luck passing attack.
However Oregon is in a dogfight right now
and will have to climb out of a 14-0 hole.
The ducks are still running the ball
but for how long can they continue to run being down 2 touchdowns?

USC strikes 1st against Oregon with a long pass completion in the 1st quarter. 
Matt Barkley fist pumps with joy as the Trojans draw 1st blood.
Other than that it has been a sea saw battle with fumbles and good defense. 
Until the last minute in the 1st quarter Barkley throws a 12 yard fade route
as the Trojans go up 14- 0.  Both of Matt Barkley's touchdowns
 looks like the defender could have made plays on them
however the USC wide receivers out jumped the defensive backs.

The USC defense is making it difficult for the Ducks to mount much of a threat.
USC is not bowl eligible so this maybe the best team
USC will face in the ducks all year.
De'anthony Thomas just caught a touchdown pass
to put the ducks on the board to make it a 7 point game.
Looks like USC was expecting the run on that play to give up the easy touchdown.
As long as the ducks can keep it with in 7
 they can play the run game how they want it.
Unfortunatly for the ducks
 Matt barkley just throws for his third touchdown pass of the game.

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