Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to grow wheatgrass sprouts , some wheat grass recipes, buy cheap wheatgrass berries

Buy Cheap wheatgrass berries Items needed to grow wheatgrass need 1 glass jar
need a sock or a cheese cloth or pantie hose will work
need a tray to grow wheat grass on and a tray to cover the 1st days
need top soil and some sunlight

  • What you do 1st is soak the wheat grass seeds for 9-13 hours in water
  • Then rinse out seeds with fresh cool water soak another 6 hours
  • Keep the jar away from light cover the jar if needed or store in a dark closet..
  • Cover the jar with a sock to let some air through this will help germinate your seeds to grow more rapidly mimicking the effects of seeds in a rainstorm in the soil.
After the 20 hours complete you can now begin adding your seeds to the soil.
The soil should be damp but not full of puddles
1st spread out soil 1 1/2 inches onto tray and spread evenly
next add you seedlings evenly over soil do not make too thick
or your wheat grass seeds will be competing too much with each other.
you can put another tray over the top over your seedling to keep the area moist and to encourage growing
as you do not want the tray to completely dry out.

Once you start to see green remove top tray and uncover so your wheat grass can grow with the sun
water regularly and in a week you will be able to start Juicing  the wheat grass.
The better quality soil you use will enhance how long you can re cut your wheat grass..
Also using a thicker amount of top soil will help.

Recipes to enjoy
  • "Jolly green giant" Grass Juice 1 shot Apple Juice 1 apple Carrot Juice 1 carrot
  • "Green tea and wheat grass the perfect combo"1 cup of green tea 1 teaspoon honey and teaspoon of lemon or lime You can mix wheat grass also with Mandarin green tea from Arizona tastes excellent!
  • Try mixing wheat grass juice with beat juice or orange juice don't be scared to experiment Ive heard of wheat grass even tasting great with watermelon..
Whatever juice you have left over no need to throw away
refrigerate and keep for your bath this will do wonders for your skin and leave a wonderful glow.
Once the grass is juiced it is best to drink right away!
If the soil content is good you should be able to harvest your grass 2 to 3 times off one tray..

choose how much you want the more you buy the more you save!

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  1. Growing wheatgrass is a great hobby. Not only is it fun, but it's healthy if you have a juicer and can benefit from the nutrients in the grass.