Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Drama that is the Miami Dolphins losing in the suck for luck chase. Andrew and the Colts Luck

You heard it it straight from Herm Edwards "You play to win the game"
"I don't care if you haven't won any games" Herm says...
This statement is like formaldehyde to the suck for luckers
Who dream of dolphin quarterback greatness to the likes of Dan Marino.
A common statement of the suck for luck crowd is "it isn't fair!
The colts have had one of the best if not the best quarterback in the game for over 10 years!
The Colts have one bad season without the injured Peyton
and like a godsend the 0-10 Colts have the inside track to getting Andrew Luck.

If you been around the Miami dolphins facility at Sun Life "Sun Dead stadium" until last Sunday you would have seen a team that found crazy ways to lose, it was if the dolphins invented the handbook "how to lose a game in under 2 minutes" the Miami Dolphins had went 364 days without winning in the former Joe Robbie stadium. The losing had become so bad at home that odds makers would rather take the Dolphins to win on the road than at home which begs the question of the dynamics of Miami and the losing tradition of the past 10 years.

That all changed last Sunday as the dolphins thumped the redskins with excellent defense and timely throws by Matt Moore who well is starting to look like an NFL QB.  The Dolphins Defense is starting to come into its on with 2 consecutive games of keeping the other teams out of the end zone and holding other teams to field goals.  this was the type of dolphins defense we had expected from last year.  The new faces are finally starting to gel.  So much confidence has been bestowed on the dolphins this week that odds makers are picking the dolphins over the Buffalo bills by 2 points something nobody predicted when the bills were leading the division just a couple weeks ago.

The 2 game winning streak has created a rift between the win nows and the suck for luckers.
You really can't blame either side for the thoughts and opinions of taking either stance as clearly the dolphins even winning out from here on out 2-7 to 9-7 still would not be enough to make the playoffs. Still cheering for your team to lose well it is just hard to do week in and week out! When the dolphins started 0-7 it was easy to say suck for luck the team find ways to lose now the team is actually getting an identity of winning too little to late perhaps still its a moral victory for the embattled coach Sparano and the GM Jeff Ireland who became famous for calling Dez Bryant's mom a Prostitute.  Also it gives the players a feel good vibe for the rest of the season  which hopefully they can now take what they have learned and apply it next season to whomever takes over the dolphins as coach.

Tony Sparano would need a miracle of gigantic proportions to be retained as head coach of the Miami dolphins though oddly I'm not writing Tony Sparano off yet, even though it was reported Tony was ranked second to last of coaches players would like to play for.  Losing has that effect on players and if you think losing is totally ok for draft position keep that in mind in free agency when free agents deciding to play with a team with a loser mentality.

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