Monday, November 28, 2011

Sleep Better Lunesta Suicide linked Side effects Commercial Scary Try natural sleep aid cures!

Watching the Luneasta Commercial it is amazing that anyone would risk the
side effects to get a better nights rest.  Suicide, Depression, bad taste, angry, anxiety.
Try natural sleep aid and cures 1st. Luneasta prescribed to treat insomnia
for those that have a hard time going to sleep and staying asleep
Lunesta real name is Eszopiclone It's in a class of medications called Hypnotics.

Lunesta slows down brain activity "sounds like a no brainer huh"
Some people have had terrible nightmares
and have said they would rather not sleep then have these nightmares.
The nightmares may also be linked to suicidal thoughts.

Luneasta reminds me of a horror movie with freddy kruger.
The dreams reported have been very vivid real like nightmares
and these same dreams seem to repeat in cycles.
Also many lunesta users have reported feeling more depressed after taking lunesta
some have said they suffer uncontrollable crying and panic attacks.

Also some patients have reported a bad metallic taste that stays in their mouth.
And feeling of nausea and wanting to throw up.  Some users have become
dependent on Lunesta and they stop taking a dose they feel is if they cant sleep at all.

Just the fact of taking a drug that slows down your brain is a scary idea
some users have reported not remembering
what they have done from one day to the next
And feeling mad about everything.

I'm a strong believer you should try natural cures 1st before taking a prescription
especially one like lunesta that has some serious side effects.
i will be discussing some ideas you can try to get a better nights rest.

#1 Chamomile a soft tea that can help one relax completely safe.

#2 Valerian root has shown some success in getting better nights rest.

#3 Melatonin can also create vivid dreams i never had nightmares with it though.
it is created naturally in the body and you get this from either an oral dose
or by getting enough sun in the daytime.

#4 Avoid caffeine after 3 pm.

#5 Increase your workout in the early mornings
not only will this increase your metabolic rate and lose more weight.
You will be programming yourself to wake up sooner and the early morning light
may help you go to sleep at an earlier time
and you will get deeper sleep with a strong workout.

#6 Using aromatherapy in particular lavender, lemon balm, Chamomile
has shown to be able to help people relax.
You can either sprinkle a few drops on your pillow
or buy a vaporizer that you can add the drops and will release in steam.

#7 Music if you go to my blog at the bottom
you will see a live radio feature type ambient
and you will see different stations you can listen
to these as much as you want and have the live radio play as you sleep
this has helped me rest without medication. And i keep the volume really low
so i can barely hear the ambient sounds.

#8 Acupuncture has shown to help you sleep better.

#9  Sleep in complete darkness even the smallest light can bother you if you have too
cover up any light including covering your window to prevent any light from coming in.
Light can trigger your brain to think it is time to wake up.

#10 Keep your sleeping quarters cool 64- 68 degrees is the optimal sleeping level.

#11 Put electrical equipment as far away from you as possible
avoid having a clock to look at as you fall asleep.

#12 Eat protein a few hours before falling asleep
followed up with a fresh piece of fruit.

#13 Try not to watch TV late at night instead read something relaxing
or you could also start writing your thoughts down.

#14 You can try some relaxation techniques do deep breathing
and imagine as you take in each breathe though your nose and that
you are feeling more relaxed start at your toes
and slowly move up to your ankles by the time you get to your back
you will usually be able to fall asleep.
Other people do prayers before sleep putting positive
thoughts into the subconsciousness this has other health benefits as well.


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